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TV Preview: Deadliest Catch Returns to Discovery Channel

To a certain segment of the population 53° 52' North/ 166° 31' West means more than just a random latitude and longitude, it means the return of one of the Discovery Channel's flagship series, Deadliest Catch. The show returns for its fifth season on April 14 at 9pm ET/PT and is promising to deliver to viewers even more real-life drama.

For those not in the know, the series focuses itself on four fishing boats that sail out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska (that would be the location of the aforementioned latitude and longitude) and the crews who sail the boats and fish the waters for crab (that would be the aforementioned catch). And, as with all good reality shows the series does its best to mix the human tales with tales of the world.

This season of the show promises to show the stories of the health of two of the ship captains, Phil Harris and Keith Colburn. Phil finds himself dealing with more issues from his leg embolism which occurred last season, and as the season opens Keith is waiting on an important diagnosis from his doctor.

The film crews were also present for the Coast Guard's search and rescue operation involving the Katmai, an event in which seven fisherman lost their lives. That episode certainly ought to be one of the highlights of the season.

I find myself rather late to the party with Deadliest Catch, not having seen any previous episodes despite its popularity. While the 20-minute screener I received of the show certainly isn't enough to review the show, I can happily state that there does seem to be fishing, catching, and deadliness involved, which, my understanding has it, is exactly what the show purports to deliver.

Seriously though, having no attachment to the personalities not having watched the previous four seasons I still found it very easy to figure out what was taking place with the various ships' crews. Even so, it was the aspects of the fishing and preparation for the fishing which I found the most interesting in the preview I received. However, that wasn't what the preview found itself focused on. As it was the beginning of the fishing season it makes complete sense that it wouldn't find the ships out at seas, but that is exactly what I wanted to see, the deadliest catch.

I guess that maybe I should be tuning in when the show returns.

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