Saturday , June 22 2024
Corey attempted to seduce Louross last night; what was she thinking?

Turning Up The Heat In Hell’s Kitchen

There are times when I watch a television show and after it ends I just sit there in amazement and wonder. And not in a good way.

Look at last night's Hell's Kitchen. I understand, and have said before (and I'm sure will say again), that reality shows are highly edited. They are. It's the truth. Things can be cut in any number of ways. Good people can be made to look bad and bad people good. Incompetent people can appear like geniuses and vice versa. That's the power of editing. That being said, it appears as though Hell's Kitchen this year is saddled with a bunch of incompetent chefs. We're almost halfway through the season and only Ben and Bobby (Rock Jr., as I like to think of him) seem as though they might be pseudo-acceptable winners. But, even if they win I wouldn't want to eat in their restaurant.

On the women's side, some of them have this odd strategy of trying to seduce the guys in order to make them easy targets. I've spent a lot of time thinking about that and I just can't understand what the logic behind it is. Last night, Corey tried to seduce Louross. Louross clearly found Corey attractive, but wasn't ready to jump in the hot tub in his skivvies with her. Corey then balked in her one-on-one with the camera, saying that nothing would have happened, she has a boyfriend.

But, let us suppose for a minute that something might have happened, that there's a world in which Corey's self-proclaimed attempt at seducing Louross resulted in hanky-panky. Why would, following the hanky-panky, Louross, who is on a different team than Corey, be more ripe for elimination? Was Corey's notion that Louross would torpedo his team because Corey batted her eyelashes? Does Corey believe in the Nuke LaLoosh theory of cooking, which would state that Louross would lose his winning ways (not that his team has won many services) if he and Corey hooked up?

Not only is using your body a despicable, though well-used, tactic on reality television, here it wouldn't even help. I can't imagine that Louross contemplating what Corey looks like without clothes on would affect his work. I can't imagine Louross's semi-desire to have a fling with her would make him think it worth losing a restaurant. It just doesn't make sense.

Or, does it? Is Corey way more intelligent than I'm giving her credit for being? Is Corey smart enough to know that stripping down into her underwear and attempting to seduce Louross, whether successful or not, is a sure way to guarantee more screen time? Is Corey using her body in an attempt to get on camera more? That makes sense. You see, that works, there's no way the producers of Hell's Kitchen can pass on an attempted hook up and Corey instigating it gets her more face time. Corey could be that smart. She definitely could be. It doesn't make me want to eat in a restaurant that has her as the head chef more, but she could be that smart.

Who knows, maybe after the season ends Playboy will come calling.

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