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To all the college students, celebrities, protesters, and social justice warriors crying over the election, let's get one thing straight: you aren't as special as you think you are. Get over it.

Trump Won, Get Over It

donald trump
Trump at a Rally

When Donald Trump won the election last week, things officially got interesting. Unlike most Millennials, I wasn’t totally distraught. Why? I think we need to “drain the swamp” and a Clinton presidency would have been a disaster. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. In all honesty, I wasn’t sold on either candidate. But, apparently, a lot of Americans were sold on Trump – for reasons which I totally respect and understand. While other candidates, like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, should have gotten fair press coverage and debate access, there are only two main candidates. While there is growing demand for things to change, that’s where things stand now and you have to make tough choices sometimes. That’s life.

However, it disgusts me when people in places like New York and Berkeley think they speak for all Americans. Newsflash: you don’t, nor are you the special snowflake that you think you are. We have the electoral college for a reason and it helps to make sure everyone’s votes get counted – whether you’re an A-list celebrity in Hollywood or a peanut farmer in Georgia. There are real people in the world with real places outside of the coddled safe spaces in many universities and liberal sanctuaries. The protests, college coddling, and rape and death threats need to stop. If Hillary Clinton had won and Trump supporters were behaving this way, I would be just as disgusted.

While my university is fairly conservative compared to most, it still baffles me that people think it’s acceptable to spout rude remarks about Trump supporters in class. Like it or not, he won the election by a pretty fair margin. Statistically speaking, that means that there are at least a few students in your class who voted for Donald Trump. Believe it. However, nothing compares to some of the complete and utter disgust I have towards students at other universities: primal scream and cry-ins, post-election counseling, and exemptions from exams. On top of that, students have openly shamed and criticized other students for their choice of candidate and walked out of class to protest Trump’s impending presidency. Newsflash: there are no safe spaces in the real world.

Regardless of who won, you need to respect the office of the presidency. If I can respect Barack Obama for eight years, you can respect Trump for four to eight years. Hillary Clinton ran a poor campaign and lost. Get over it. If I had an employee crying about the election, making threats toward the president, show up late to work because they were protesting, or demanding a “safe space,” they would probably be fired within five minutes. That’s unacceptable and, frankly, I’ve gone to class and work from events that were much more traumatic than the election.

However, let’s get one thing straight: who you vote for is no one’s business and it has no place in the workplace. Frankly, it has little place in the university system either unless in the context of free and open discourse. I have respect for my professors and the celebrities out there who have chosen to stay out of the election overall. To all the college students, celebrities, protesters, and social justice warriors crying over the election, let’s get one thing straight: you aren’t as special as you think you are. Get over it.

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  1. Quick answer, nope, not getting over it. I’m not a millennial so don’t throw that crap at me. I’m a baby boomer. I will not just sit back and accept that a candidate that espouse racism and hate is running the country. I will not just sit back and accept a Vice President whose laws put a woman in jail for having a miscarriage, who refused to pardon a man after he had been cleared of a crime by DNA Evidence and who intends to make abortion illegal in the U.S. and then start on outlawing contraception. I’m not going to wait until millions of good people are deported, until a religion is vilified and it’s followers are forced to register. I’m going to fight for freedoms that I believe this country is about.

    If you expect to not be judged on the fact that you voted for a man who ran on racism, misogyny and hate well, you DESERVE to be judged because by voting that way, you support racism, misogyny and hate.

    • Get over it.

        • Then spend the next 8 years is stupid misery. Enjoy.

          • Wow! Trump won again in 2020? Who knew? And not stupid misery, resisting all the way.

          • But you repeat yourself.

          • 4 years you retard

          • No mentally challenged one, 8 years, and then another 8 years. Bwahaha hahahaha!

          • I said no. Even his supporters are mad now that hes going back on EVERY promise. Obamacare is staying., No wall. You all got played. Dumb bittch

          • Keep your false hope alive. Do whatever you must to keep your fragile sanity. Hillary played all of you like cheap harmonicas. Trump won, all you wanted is lost. Welcome to the shit the rest of have lived in for the past 8 years.

          • wait a sec-you don’t honestly link your shiitty life to Obama do you? How one on earth has Obama made your life bad? He gave health care to you poor people, he killed Osama, he fixed the economy, lowered unemployment when you didn’t have a job….

          • I don’t use his bullshit healthcare, and a SEAL killed Bin Ladin, not Obama. This is like arguing the smell of shit with a turd. Go light a candle at your Hillary shrine and piss off.

          • No. No they aren’t. They don’t believe the bullshit you spread, but you do. That’s why you think you are right.

    • You will be judged for blind stupidity, and judged harshly. The first form of judgement? You LOST. The rest is coming at you like a run away freight and you can’t dodge it. Enjoy. I know I will.

  2. This…this was a joke, right? You’re doing a remarkably good job of parodying a rightwing idiot? The kind of people who lose their minds over whether a coffee cup says Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas, and who were just fine with a congressman screaming “you lie!” at the president during a State of the Union address? I’m sure that’s the case, that this is meant to be satire, since surely no one could be this sincerely clueless.

  3. Dr Joseph S Maresca

    People heard all of the views expressed on this blog and here is what voters said:

    “Most strikingly, Mr. Trump won his biggest margins among middle-income white voters, according to exit polls, a revolt not only of the white working class but of the country’s vast white middle class. He did better than past Republicans in the sprawling suburbs along Florida’s central coasts, overwhelming Mrs. Clinton’s gains among Hispanic voters. He held down Mrs. Clinton’s margins in the Philadelphia suburbs, defying expectations that Mrs. Clinton would outperform Mr. Obama by a wide margin.”

    Retrieved from {}

    Potus-Elect Trump has said that he must do a good job for the American people. This is what writers should be focusing on with laser accuracy.

    There are lots of upcoming issues like a world currency, normalizing the national debt, establishing a hemispheric conference on immigration protocols, rebuilding the infrastructure, repairing the cities like Detroit, addressing the composition of the Supreme Court as aging members retire and much more.

    The election is over and now we must address governance for the intervening time between the end of this election and the next election cycle.

  4. most of you idiots bitched for 8 years so we will bitch for 4-sorry-YOU get used to it!