Friday , September 30 2022

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Theater Review (NYC): Masks Can’t Mask Love in ‘André & Dorine’

andre and dorine

In André & Dorine masked actors tell a story of dementia in a brilliantly original way: without dialogue. There’s something painfully appropriate about using a wordless and facial expression-free medium to depict the decline of a mind. Presented by Kulunka Teatro, a company from the Basque country of Spain, the …

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PAX East 2022 – Day Two

After the initial euphoria and a relatively calm first day of PAX East, more people were on site for day two. There was a ton of cosplay, plenty of excited industry folks and great games to check out. My focus on this day was to wander the full show floor …

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TV Interview: Frank Ferrante on ‘Frank Ferrante’s Groucho’ and Playing Groucho Marx for 37 Years

"I'm really proud that people from every kind of background tend to enjoy the show. I think the humor cuts across all demographics, which makes me happy because Groucho was the little guy taking down the establishment."

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