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Mark your calendar: January 23, 2016--the premiere of "The X-Files" version 2.0 coming to FOX!

‘The X-Files’ Returning to Fox January 24!

Exciting news from Fox Programming this morning! The X-Files will return Sunday, January 24, 2016 for a two part season premiere, followed by four more episodes! The six-episode “event” series will be a blend of the series’ signature conspiracy themes and “Monster of the Week” (MOTW) outings. David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, William B. Davies, and Mitch Pileggi will all reprise their roles in the iconic ’90s genre series, which chronicled the quest for “the truth” by FBI agents Fox Mulder (Duchovny) and his skeptic partner Dr. Dana Scully. Is it 2016 yet?The-X-Files1

Beginning this summer, Blogcritics will be doing The X-Files big. Rewatches, interviews, features, episode reviews, articles about the fandom and its opus of fan fiction, and everything else XF. The X-Files for the X-Phile.

We are blessed here in the 21st Century with streaming, DVDs, and the entire universe that is the Internet to re-connect (or connect for the first time) with Fox classic. Back in the day, in the Internet’s infancy, X-Philes chatted on Usenet message boards (we know them now as Google Groups), America Online chatrooms and something called ICQ. We traded VHS tapes and cursed the television for failing to tape that most anticipated episode (yes, that happened to me twice, causing near-fisticuffs in my household!).

Chris Carter and team have the opportunity to introduce The X-Files to a new generation; the 20 and 30-somethings around today were but wee ones back then. (I’m still reminded by my 24-year-old son how I caused him to be terrified of his sister’s dolls after he accidentally caught a glimpse of a particularly morbid X-Files episode with a killer dolly.)

So stay with Blogcritics this summer as we celebrate Mulder and Scully (or, if you prefer, Moose and Squirrel, as they were often known in the fandom), The Lone Gunmen (be sure to hit the link for my interview with Dean Haglund), The CSM (Cigarette Smoking Man), Deep Throat (not what you think, non-X-Philes), and the incredible fandom of X-Philes!

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  1. Yes! Now Fox should pick up Forever. I can’t believe ABC kept Galavant instead of a show that’s actually good.