Tuesday , August 4 2020

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American Idol – Final Four Frenzy, Judging the Judges

American Idol season 5 is creeping toward a momentacular finale with only four contestants remaining out the original eleventy-hundred thousand hopefuls who filled the stadiums and soup kitchens of America to audition last summer with hope in their hearts, a gleam in their eyes, and a song in their lungs. …

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Blogcritics On Fox’s Skating With Celebrities

Though the mean-spirited might refer to it as Avoiding Injury With the Vaguely Familiar, the show Skating With Celebrities — not uncoincidentally timed with the Torino Winter Olympics — has found an audience among the skate-crazy and/or sadistic as six figure skating professionals including Nancy Kerrigan and Tai Babilonia attempt …

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Blogcritics on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, Season 2

Our own televised terpsichorean chroniclers Patfish and Beth Gottfried focus like corybantic laser beams on the second season of ABC’s popular stars-go-dancing reality competition show Dancing With the Stars. Voila: TV Review: Dancing with the Stars – Finals – Woo! Hoo! for Drew! Save a Horse and Ride Drew Lachey. …

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Holiday Season Programming From PBS and Nickelodeon

Still buried in the first half of November — heck, I was out mowing the lawn and blowing leaves in a t-shirt and 65-degree breezes Saturday, in Northeast Ohio! — PBS and Nickelodeon have both announced their December holiday programming. I know this stuff is scheduled months in advance – …

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