Sunday , July 5 2020

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Scorsese’s Blues

I am really enjoying Martin Scorsese’s blues series on PBS. Sunday night’s debut was a journey, directed by Scorsese himself, from the Mississippi Delta to Mali in West Africa with young bluesman Corey Harris, going farther and farther back in time until all black music conjoined in the primordial, wildly …

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“Black Woodstock” Returns

The 1973 concert film Wattstax returns for a limited engagement theatrical run staring June 6 with original ending restored: On August 20, 1972, more than 100,000 people attended what came to be known as “the black Woodstock.” The popular appeal and broad diversity of the attending Stax Records artists ensured …

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How the DVD Was Won

Bootleggers contributed mightily to new Led Zeppelin DVD release: When ex-Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page lamented “it’s a real shame that … there isn’t enough live footage of us,” he wasn’t being completely candid. PAGE, WHO WAS speaking to me in 1998, knew full well just how much footage there …

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Americans Vote Themselves Stupid on Idol

Well, it doesn’t rank up there in news value with the Fall of Baghdad, but I am still in shock that America – or at least the portion who vote for the show – voted Ricky Smith off the show Tuesday night. Were they watching the same Ricky Smith, whose …

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Stones Deliver

By Friday night my sleep deficit has caught up with me, I’m a zombie. I was ready to collapse last night by about 11:30 when Dawn said “let’s stay up and watch something.” Uh, okay. I looked in the TV Guide and to my mixed dismay (I have to stay …

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Never Too Late: Arty Writes Songs

Art Garfunkel writes songs for the first time at 60: Now, the 60-year-old performer is trying to break out of that image as he makes his songwriting debut on his new album, “Everything Waits to Be Noticed.” “We have an image of ourselves, and we carry ourselves all through life …

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