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CES 2021: Online Technology Show Done Right


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), like so many other film, trade, and technology events this past year, went digital. CES, however, was different. I’d begun to feel some burnout after so many ZOOM or other technology based online experiences. As I should have expected, the CES sponsor, the Consumer Technology …

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Adobe MAX: Can a Keyboard Make You More Creative?

Adobe MAX

A keyboard may seem like a rather mundane part of a computer system, especially when using software with which you can make Hollywood feature films. This keyboard, however, does amazing things for your productivity with Adobe and Microsoft software and provides an entirely new keyboard component: The Crown.

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SXSW: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Everywhere, in Everything, and Everyone has a Story

The question that dominated many of the VR/AR seminars at SXSW was “How do you tell a story using this new technology?” "New" because the hardware has become affordable for consumers, and game engines used to create VR have become more powerful. The market is attracting a range of companies, from startups to ancient tech giants like IBM and Microsoft.

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DVD Review: Noobz

There is a genuine love of gaming in Noobz, but the film has a hard time measuring up to its comedic competition.

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