Wednesday , July 6 2022

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Google – Too Much Power?

If information is power, is there such a thing as too much power or too much knowledge? I recently wondered that after listening to an NPR program on Google. It contained information that was both fascinating and infuriating. This was the first time – except for during the recent news …

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Needed Katrina Humor, Perspectives

I haven’t looked forward to a television show as much as I looked forward to Jon Stewart’s take on Katrina, which ran last night. And wow, it was perfect. Show excerpts, courtesy of the Daily Kos “Now, for you people who are saying “Well, stop pointing fingers at the president…left-wing…the …

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“Censored news” and real news

Every year Project Censored puts out a list of what it considers the most censored important news stories of the year. And apparently I’m not alone in wondering just how a story can be censored when the size of the media changes literally each time someone else starts a blog. …

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