Friday , July 19 2024 on Subject2Discussion: Phillip Winn’s Turn

As Subject2Discussion, which airs Tuesday nights at 7 pm PT, 10 pm ET on the LV Rocks site, for a weekly Pop Culture report during the show from 8-8:30 PT.

It can only be said that last Tuesday night Natalie Davis rocked the pop culture casbah to its veritable foundation, so melifluous and edifying was her report!

Tonight tech-maven and co-owner Phillip Winn will dig deep and reach high with a scintillating slate of salubrious, largely cinematic, topics:

Movie: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
– I *have* seen this one
– The first in a series of hopefully seven movies
– Excellent family film, I took my kids to see it at 4, 6, and 7
– Very faithful to the book, but fears of overt Christian propaganda are overblown
– $65 million opening weekend, $107 million worldwide, should easily exceed $180 million budget

Movie: Brokeback Mountain
– I *haven’t* seen this one
– Reviews are almost uniformly positive
– Reviews on are almost uniformly from women or gay men
– Definitely Oscar material
– Half-million opening, but in limited release. May hit $30 million, which would probably exceed budget

News: Richard Pryor is Dead
– 65 years old, died Saturday of a heart attack
– Survived 1980 cocaine-freebasing fire (later described as a suicide attempt)
– A comedic pioneer

DVD: Peter Jackson’s King Kong Production Diaries
– Instead of a shroud of secrecy, as with Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson produced video and notes for King Kong on the web
– Inspired Bryan Sanger to do the same with new Superman movie
– Now released on DVD *prior* to the film release! (releases today)
– Could mark a new approach to film making in a world with easy digital piracy

Movie: King Kong
– Early review from El Bicho, who can’t stop saying good things about it
– He claims that this film establishes Peter Jackson as the “king of directors”
– Film debuts tomorrow

TV: Late Late Show Host Craig Ferguson to get a sidekick
– Shadoe Stevens, probably best known as Fred Rated from the old Federated commercials
– We have daily coverage of the Late Late Show on Blogcritics, thanks to stalker, I mean, devoted fan Joan Hunt

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