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Paris Hilton Pervades, Pooch People Pooh-pooh Her, “Come Back Nicole, All Is Forgiven”

Lanky party celebutant, reality TV and inadvertent porn star, “actress,” “singer,” fashionista, American princess, knucklehead: the and AOL Search 2005 most-popular search lists reveal that Paris Hilton, in the number 1 search spot, still has the public’s attention in a vise grip.

“Paris Hilton generated more searches than any other search term this year, as she consistently finds ways to stay top of mind with web users,” said Dean Tsouvalas, writer of The Lycos 50. “People continue to search for more than just the infamous Paris Hilton sex tape. Whenever Paris makes headlines offline, search activity skyrockets for her online.”

Among those stories feeding the searches, Paris has inspired a Christmas display in her honor erected by Joe Moretti of Cranston, Rhode Island, consisting of blown-up images of Hilton adorned with pink lights. Besides the pouty Paris pics, the display includes a list entitled “How to Be a Hilton,” complete with tips such as: “An entrance is everything,” “NEVER wake before 10 a.m.” and “NEVER spend the summer in NYC.” The neighbors are nonplussed.

Tinkerbell, Hilton’s on-again off-again Chihuahua, is also celebrated in a colorful portrait as part of the shrine. And speaking of Tink, an online poll by The New York Dog and The Hollywood Dog magazines voted Paris Hilton the World’s Worst Dog Owner for temporarily, cavalierly, cruelly replacing Tinkerbell with a ferret.

“Our readers felt Ms. Hilton’s dog-parenting skills left a lot to be desired,” said Leslie Padgett, editor of The New York and Hollywood Dog Magazines. “First she loses Tinkerbell, then she ditches her for a cuter dog, then replaces that dog with a ferret, then a Kinkajou monkey and then, I gather, a goat. Recently Tinkerbell was spotted back in Paris’ arms. But how long will she be in favor this time?”

And lastly, Paris reportedly hopped on stage at a friend’s recent Christmas party and sent a message to her former best friend Nicole Richie, saying she sympathizes with her Simple Life (which will move to E! for season 4) co-star, who split with fiancé Adam Goldstein last week.

Hilton, who recently parted ways with her own fiancé Paris Latsis, said, “I’m really sorry to hear about Nic’s engagement. I went through the same thing. With Christmas coming up, I realize I really miss her and want to get in touch again.”

That’s hot.

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