Tuesday , June 6 2023

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Katell Keineg, “Shaking the Disease”

The title track of SHAKING THE DISEASE, a three-song “CD single” from the Dublin-based, Welsh-Breton singer Katell Keineg, is one of the most delightfully energetic numbers she’s ever done. Where many artists mellow with age, on the evidence of “Shaking the Disease” it’s clearthat Keineg’s songwriting is as strong and …

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Huun-Huur-Tu Live

Hun-Huur-Tu, the throat singers of Tuva, have been darlings of the World Music scene (and Public Radio) for some years now. I had my first chance to see them live and up close last Friday at Satalla, a new, modest-sized NYC venue specializing in World Music. Seeing and hearing music …

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