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Sony gives us a great show with tons of games, but less wow factor then Microsoft.

Sony E3 Press Conference – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Despite all odds and more leaks then a rotting dam, Sony managed to pull of a great press conference and still surprise us. They used their charismatic speakers, had more games on display then Microsoft and Nintendo put together, and wowed the audience.

Having said that, I will still say that Microsoft had the better conference. There was just so much wow factor during Microsoft’s reveals that no one could have topped it. Sony did have a great show and gave us a lot to think about, watch and wait for.

The best part of Sony’s presentation is how they reinforced it with PSBlog updates, Web site updates and video of all the reveals for all to enjoy. Take note Nintendo; let people see your new innovations ON YOUR SITE!! Use your massive amounts of money to market the ideas, get the hardcore excited again. Sony has definitely relearned these skills in spades.

The Good

Final Fantasy XIV – No one saw this coming. I ignored FFXI as it was on a platform I did not have Internet-enabled (PS2) and was not really into MMOs at the time. Square Enix has learned a lot in the last few years and this more than any other console MMO (The Agency, DCU Online) has me excited. As a PS3 exclusive, this could be monstrous for Sony.

MAG 256 player demo – Fell a little flat on-stage, but the game floor demo is wowing everyone. 256 human players online at the same time in multiple linked squads with commanders and constant action. If done right, this could be something outstanding.

PSP Go – I almost wish I did not have so many UMDs; maybe Sony will offer a trade in program? I like the look, I like the Flash-only idea (battery life will be amazing), I love the Bluetooth and the size is great. I may just have to get one when the price drops a bit. Another great feature is that all PSP games going forward will be digital and UMD.

click to view larger imageMetal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – Called a true sequel to MGS3, it is being supervised by Hideo Kojima and the MGS4 team is working on it. Looks like it will have four player co-op and tons of huge moments. This will be the biggest PSP game in 2010.

Gran Turismo PSP – Looks and plays amazing; this is a real GT experience with 800 cars and a huge amount of tracks. This could change the way portable racers are looked at forever.

Resident Evil Portable – Not many details aside from the fact that it is a new Resident Evil experience developed especially for the PSP. That is truly a great thing; imagine an RE5 style experience on the PSP? I can, and it sounds great.

Fat Princess PSP – Again, not much is known about this game. It is not a port but a separate experience for the PSP. Kind of odd that they have not even proven the game is great (looks like it though) and they are making a PSP version.

Final Fantasy VII leading the influx of 50 PS1 classics to PS Store – We have been asking for a while and it looks like they are finally ready to deliver. Final Fantasy VII is the big lead in and I am sure it will quickly rise to the top of the sales list. Looking forward to the rest of this year to see what they release.

Agent – For a long, long time we have heard that Rockstar had a PS3 exclusive in the works. Agent is their answer to the questions. Set during the Cold War, Agent could be anything, but if Rockstar's pedigree is any indication, it will be great!

click to view larger imageThe games we know about – God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, The Last Guardian (Project Trico), Ratchet and Clank Future: Crack in Time, Fat Princess, Uncharted 2, and White Knight Chronicles among many, many, many others. All of them are exclusives, all of them are amazing looking and all of them will be monster sellers for the platform.

Assassins Creed PS3 & PSP interaction – Showing a unique and exciting presentation of Assassins Creed 2 for the PS3, we learned that the independent PSP game, Assassins Creed Bloodlines, will interact with the PS3 version. They showed us there are great ideas for this in the past with Resistance and I am sure they will have some great ones here.

New Motion controller – It can simulate a gun for an FPS, a sword and shield for an action game or any other object. The responsiveness seems amazing and the potential is huge. It needs a killer application and a low price point to succeed; if that happens it could change gaming.

The Bad

More Home additions with no improvements
– Still no unlimited use game spaces, still no streaming video, just more tacked on areas and virtual items. Please listen to your base Sony; fix these fundamental problems.

click to view larger imagePSP Go price point – $250 US Sony? Really? Fifty bucks more then the PSP 3000 is just criminal and will hurt the adoption rate. This needs to be normalized.

GT PSP is ad-hoc only – What year is it? Pokemon on the DS has been doing infrastructure for years. I need to find friends locally with GT PSP to trade cars? Fail!

ModNations Racer – I don’t know why but this generated no excitement for me. If the racing approaches Crash Team Racing (the original) or Mario Kart fun levels, it could be great. So far, it looks more gimmick then game.

The Ugly

click to view larger imagePS3 Motion Controller looks like a sex toy – A small cylinder with a rounded ball on the top? looks like something that involves naughty play. I can just imagine all the mock ups and game ideas we will see in the near future.

LBP reveal is more costumes – Come on Media Molecule, we already know about LBP PSP, show us the new level packs already.

No video streaming and no Canada support – Sony, Sony, Sony…You need to move with the times. Video needs to be on demand and you need to support your neighbors. Canada is consistently shut out for content like this and should be added to the list able to access it, but only if you enable streaming.

No MGS Raiden presentation – I imagine money was involved but I was really disappointed there was no further MGS Raiden reveal at the Sony conference. It is coming out across all platforms at the same time so Sony should have shown it.

Sony’s refusal to use other media cards – Why Sony? Why? Your PS3 supports everything; MicroSD is cheaper and comes in larger sizes. This should have been in the PSP Go from the start to give more options.

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