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In honor of today’s release of the season four DVD set!

Son of House, MD Trivia Quiz: The Answers

Back from the great snowy north, and in honor of today’s release of the season four DVD set, here are the answers to the Son of House Trivia Quiz!

If you have not taken the quiz, do give it a try — and then come back here for the answer key. Oh, by the way — remember in “Fetal Position” that House wanted to kayak with orca in Johnstone Straits? Well, I didn’t quite kayak there — but we did see orca off of Vancouver in the straits. That was my big “House” moment of the week. That and watching Casablanca! (I couldn’t help myself hearing House talking to the spore-ridden Ali about Victor.)

Product Placement

1. Favorite bottled water brand in the diagnostics department: Fiji water (mostly)—you can tell by those square bottles.

2. House’s energy drink — comes in an orange and blue bottle: NOS (but the label was changed to ONS — trademark issues?). He also likes other energy drinks; that particular episode, no one could seem to figure out what he was drinking; the the other day, I saw it in our local grocery store. Also, ever notice that when he’s played poker (both times) he does not drink alcohol, he drinks an energy drink instead while everyone else drinks? Check out “All In” and “House v God” to see what I mean.

3. House seems to go nowhere without his; Wilson has one too: iPod, or as Gabriel Wozniak called Wilson’s in “Son of Coma Guy,” “ip-odd.”

4. House listens to his vintage vinyl on this: His expensive twin Sota turntables.

5. House is a one-brand man when it comes to guitars: Gibson (personally, I play a Martin). He has them in all varieties: Flying V, Jumbo acoustic, his old eighth grade guitar (which I think is a “B-25” model like I had in high school), and his Dobro (which I think is also a Gibson model). 

6. The one with the ginormous scrape: His beloved Honda Repsol racing motorcycle.

7. Amber was never far from her mobile phone (before she died, anyway): Treo (Carly in "Control" had one as well, which Chase said his MRI could take in a fight).

8. The laptop of choice these days ‘round PPTH: Macs seem to be in great favor.  Perhaps House needs his for “Garage Band” and to match his iPod.

9. House’s expensive headphones: Bose

10. A gift from the Arnello brothers: The old ’65 Corvette Stingray. Wonder if he gave it back, since he does seem to drive quite the old beater (which Wilson says is 10 years old).

Now, Where Have I Seen That Face Before? House Guest Stars Elsewhere Seen

1. Gotham City’s mayor: Nestor Carbonell, the lying, not top gun of a dad who has leprosy in “Cursed.”

2. Gotham corrupt cop: Monique Curnen. Nice to see she’s come back to life after Foreman’s over-zealousness killed her in “House Training”.

3. Been to Guantanamo Bay: Kutner’s… I mean Kumar’s (Kal Penn’s) good buddy Harold (John Cho) played Harvey Park  in “Love Hurts.”

4. Mighty Aphrodite: Mira Sorvino was the psychiatrist Cate who unfroze House’s heart in “Frozen.”

5. May have met up with Wilson’s alter-ego in a 1989 film: Kurwood Smith, who played Dave Matthews’ dad Dr. Obyedkov in “Half-Wit,” was in Dead Poets Society along with Robert Sean Leonard. 

6. Paranoid para-military guy out to hurt Scarecrow and Mrs. King: (Sorry about giving you such an obscure one, but Scarecrow and Mrs. King was a 1980s favorite of mine.) Geoffrey Lewis played the dying homeless man who gave Cameron a  handful in “One Day One Room.”

7. She watched her husband try to go to the moon: Kathleen Quinlan played Arlene, wife of the paraplegic patient who helped House learn how to derive “Meaning” from his professional life. 

8. The Greatest American Hero, himself: William Katt, Boyd’s dad in “House vs. God.”

9. Eleanor Roosevelt: Tony Award winning Cynthia Nixon (who played Eleanor in Warm Springs) was Anica in “Deception.”

10. Playing to type as Toy Story’s animated Sarge: R. Lee Ermey, not so nice as House’s abusive dad in “Daddy’s Boy.” (And — cover your eyes if you don’t like even itsy-bitsy spoilers — I hear making an appearance this year in an early episode).

Music and House

1. “Not As We” – Alanis Morissette: “97 Seconds” as House contemplates why a guy would stick a knife in a light socket.

2. “Human” – Civil Twilight: Played over House and Cate’s final webcam encounter as he realizes the connection she has with her mechanic. 

3. "Passing Afternoon” – Iron and Wine: “Wilson’s Heart.”

4. “Saturday Afternoons in 1963” – Rickie Lee Jones: “Paternity” (House staring wistfully across a lonely lacrosse field, reflecting.)

5. "Some Devil” – Dave Matthews: House listens on his turntable, staring at a picture of the estranged Stacy in “Love Hurts.”

6. “Hallelujah” – Jeff Buckley: Montage at the end of “Acceptance.”

7. “Nessun Dorma” – Puccini: House listens after a sleepless night (he had such bad hay fever, poor baby), waiting for the team to arrive in the doctor’s shower in “Autopsy.”

8. “Good Man” – Josh Ritter: Too bad we didn’t hear House himself playing his new guitar at the end of “Human Error,” but the song is quite evocative of House, and his mood at the end of season three.

9. “Grey Room” – Damien Rice: The very downbeat song perfectly fits the revelation House makes about his upbringing in “One Day One Room.”

10. “Walter Reed” – Michael Penn: Great ending song to the revelations and House’s arrest at the end of “Fools for Love.”

House Wisdom

1. “It’s not what you say; it’s what you do.” To me, this remark by patient Rebecca Adler in the pilot provides the series with  one of its major emotional themes, as with House (and also Wilson) it really is more what he does that defines him — not what he says — because “Everybody lies.”

2. “Truth begins in lies.” Pilot — House says it to a very confused Foreman (and maybe that was the point).

3. "Everybody does stupid things, it shouldn't cost them everything they want in life." A bit of House’s personal philosophy, given after fudging a medical record to give Hank Wiggen a second (make that, third) chance.

4. “It's been established that time is not a rigid construct."  Anyone who tries to figure out the House timeline might agree with House’s quip in “Three Stories.”

5. "It's one of the great tragedies of life — something always changes." House to Stacy on the roof of the hospital in “Honeymoon,” ostensibly speaking about the patient, but metaphorically about life — and his relationship with Stacy.

6. "Everything we do is dictated by motive." House, arguing with Wilson about the conditionality of love in “Son of Coma Guy.” 

7. "Welcome to the end of the thought process." (And here, I bet you thought that name of my column was original!)The ever-three-leaps-ahead-of-everyone-else House in "Autopsy."

8. "…there's no I in 'team'. There is a me, though, if you jumble it up." “DNR”

9. “You’d rather show me your soul than your leg.” The insightful Cate to the guarded House in “Frozen.”

10. “That’s why God made microwaves.” House, deflecting John Henry Giles’ truism about people like him and House.

House Artifacts and Little Known Facts

1. Name two institutions of higher learning attended by House: University of Michigan and Johns Hopkins Medical School. (There is, by the way, no real evidence that even though he got “kicked out” of Hopkins, he didn’t graduate from its med school. His expulsion may have been temporary or reconsidered or simply that he lost the coveted internship. I do not believe as has been suggested by “fanon” that he actually left Hopkins to finish med school at Michigan.)

2. Name one school attended by Wilson: McGill (and one of his diplomas reads — I believe — Columbia University).

3. Name one school attended by Foreman: Another Hopkins alum.

4. Name one institution attended by Cameron: She did her residency at the Mayo Clinic.

5. Name one institution of higher learning attended by Chase: University of Melbourne (where he did that rotation in therapeutic hypnosis).

6. Where did Cuddy find her date in “Insensitive”? At

7. How long has House lived in his present apartment, according to Wilson?  Even though it appears the design and layout of his flat has changed twice (both in the first season), the change-averse House has lived in his present apartment at 221B for 15 years.

8. Name two countries besides the US where House has resided: Japan (we know from “Son of Coma Guy.” And Egypt (from “Clueless”).

9. How many rooms has House’s house?  Four rooms: living room, kitchen, bath, bedroom — and that long hallway (no points off if you didn’t count it!).

10. Where does House keep his old chemistry set? He thinks he’s kept it in the closet.  It’s actually under his bed in an old wooden chest, as he discovers in “Clueless.”

Patience with Patients: Who Were They and in What Episode?

1. “I finally have a patient with lupus!” Flynn the magician in “Whatever it Takes.”

2. A never-before-seen heart defect discovered by House: The inexplicably alive Cuban woman Marina in “Human Error.”

3. Her kidney was held up by defective wiring: House’s “mental Yentl” in “Don’t Ever Change.”

4. Diagnosis: “some bad decisions.” Lupe, in “House Training.”

5. Copper: Actually two patients have had too much copper — Lucy in “Socratic Method,” who had Wilson’s disease and the sick Sister Augustine with the copper allergy in “Damned if You Do.”

6. The Midas touch: What a way to be poisoned!  Murder by gold. House’s knowledge of ancient Egyptian culture and chemistry saved Bob Palko’s life in “Clueless.”

7. Mothballs: Naphthalene toxicity nearly killed Keith, a teenage boy, in “Detox,” which House diagnosed while in the throes of narcotics withdrawal.

8. Rabies: Bats bit Victoria, a homeless woman, who then bit Foreman in “Histories.”

9. Ragged Red Fiber: Kyle Wozniak’s rare genetic condition causing seizures and ultimately heart failure in “Son of Coma Guy.”

10. The Plague: Stacy once told House that he avoids patients like the plague unless it is the plague. Well, until Hannah presented with it in “Sleeping Dogs Lie.”

In the Clinic

1. Odd presentation of a sympathetic pregnancy: George in “Skin Deep.”

2. Droopy wood: Myron in “Love Hurts.”

3. Bovine crush: In “Sex Kills,” poor Tony is at a loss to explain his unusual affection for cows, until House figure out it’s not.

4. Jelly: “Deception” patient who thought strawberry was a great spermicidal jelly!

5. Homemade circumcision (just like Abraham did it!): Nameless patient in “Autopsy.”

6. Swallowed a magnet: Nameless little boy in the ER in “One Day One Room.”

7. Orange: Big-time hospital donor in “Pilot.”

8. Incredible shrinking baby: Olive Kaplan in “Babies and Bathwater.”

9. Finding Nemo: Little girl in “Euphoria" part 2, whose fate was worse than asthma, according to her mom.

10. Fond of Fresno: Ali, the girl with the crush in “Informed Consent” and “Lines in the Sand.”

Canon not Fanon

1. How long ago did Wilson’s brother disappear? Nine years from season one.  Do the math!

2. How did Cameron’s Husband die? Thyroid tumor metastasized into brain cancer.

3. How old was Chase when his father abandoned him and his mother?  Either 15 or 12 (depending upon whether you believe Chase’s age to have been 30 in “Autopsy” or 26 in “Heavy.”  Or not (I’m really, really bad at math).

4. From how many hospitals was House fired before getting hired by Cuddy?  Four.

5. Why is an Indian guy named Kutner? He’s adopted.

6. What is Stacy’s most treasured object? Her silver crucifix. According to the script (but never making it to the episode itself), the original, from her mom, was destroyed in an unusual accident. House replaced it, something she never apparently told Mark. No wonder House was so interested in it, and what might have led him to believe that Stacy still had feelings for him — or am I getting too much into “fanon?”

7. Who is Chick Webb? Disabled and very famous jazz musician featured in the art print first displayed in House’s office, but now resides in his home.

8. How did House and Stacy meet?  Paintball tournament, doctors versus lawyers.

9. How many transfusions has House had in the last 10 years? Three. Can you name them? ("Infarction", when he was shot at the end of season two. The third is in “You Don’t Want to Know.”)

10. When is House’s weekly poker game? Thursdays. 

Scoring:  There are a total of 80 questions, and alternate answers are possible (but I did try to cut down on that possibility in this quiz — see, I can learn!).  70-80: “Yes, I am that good;” 60-69: “I was near the top of my class” (“but not the top!”); 45-59:  Less reading; more TV. 35-50: Humility is important, especially when you make a lot of mistakes.”  20-34:  Pay attention!  Below 20: Really. Go out and buy the DVDs and retake the exam. You’ll feel much better.  

Don't forget — the fourth season DVD set is out today, and the season premierers in four weeks, Tuesday, September 16!

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