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Get ready to dogfight to the death with this new to the U.S. Wii exclusive.

Screenshots: The Sky Crawlers – Innocent Aces for Nintendo Wii

Coming out just in time for you to have be selling back your holiday videogames after beating them is the new Wii exclusive The Sky Crawlers: The Innocent Aces.  It's based on the series of Japanese novels by Hiroshi Mori and the anime film that follows the first book.  It is described as a "somber story," and some of the pictures we've seen are in black and white – a clear indication of somber. 

Sky Crawlers is going to utilize both the Wii remote and the nunchuk, and force players to dogfight to death – not against each other (we are as yet unaware of any multiplayer capabilities), but rather against the evil enemy.  You (if you buy it) will play as Lynx, a rookie pilot who has to earn acceptance in his new job.  Will you be able to do it?  Well, we recommend not dying.  Not dying is always the first step in earning acceptance but other pilots – they totally frown on the whole death thing.  In fact, more than that, they very much want to live.  Somber story or not, life is their goal. 

Take it away pictures:

Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces is due out on the Nintendo Wii (and only the Nintendo Wii) on January 5, 2010.

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