Monday , April 22 2024
Risen will soon rise on Xbox 360. We've got pics.

Screenshots: Risen for Xbox 360

It is the Middle Ages and dangerous creatures are running amok (mostly because that's how dangerous creatures always run).  Well, perhaps they're not running amok everywhere, but they certainly are running amok on the strange island on which you've found yourself shipwrecked.  You know, the mysterious island with the odd ruins rising from the ground and the aforementioned creatures. 

No, this isn't a bad dream, it's what happens in the new RPG game, Risen, and as with any good medieval-set game, there are secret orders and rebel factions.  The game allows you to choose which side you want to be on, because, much like Superman in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, you're no longer just a visitor to this world, you are an active participant. 

Risen contains over 60 hours worth of gameplay and a seamless, streaming, open-world environment. As for us, we've got screenshots of it, lots and lots of screenshots.

Risen (already available on PC) is due out on the Xbox 360 in February of this year.

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