Saturday , June 22 2024

Review: The Village

Every village has an idiot, or so the saying goes.

And apparently in this village that idiot is M. Night Shyamalan, who went from making the great Sixth Sense to the so-so Unbreakable to this piece of cow manure.

The plot is predictable, the story boring. The acting…well, the acting is good, but the movie has characters that this reviewer has no interest in or warmth toward. So it begs the question: Are the actors good at playing characters that are boring or can you tell?

If nothing else this movie answers one question: If a movie about a forest bombs does it make a sound?

The answer is yes.

And that sound is someone asking, “Tell me again why I rented this?”


About Scott Butki

Scott Butki was a newspaper reporter for more than 10 years before making a career change into education... then into special education. He has been working in mental health for the last ten years. He lives in Austin. He reads at least 50 books a year and has about 15 author interviews each year and, yes, unlike tv hosts he actually reads each one. He is an in-house media critic, a recovering Tetris addict and a proud uncle. He has written articles on practically all topics from zoos to apples and almost everything in between.

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