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Review: Looking for Lucky, Hootie & The Blowfish

Hootie and the Blowfish will release Looking for Lucky, their first studio album in two years on Aug 9. The album finds a balance between giving us more of what was so popular with Cracked Rear View and demonstrating how much the band has grown, both as composers as well as performers.

The group collaborated with several other songwriters on many of the tracks in an attempt to push things in a new direction. They also called in Don Gehman to produce the release for the band’s own label, Sneaky Long Records. The result is a varied mix of warm music that in the end is pure Hootie.

I find Looking for Lucky to be very reminiscent of the band’s breakthrough album, Cracked Rear View. Maybe it’s the distinctly unique voice of lead singer Darius Rucker but I suspect it is the powerful and timely lyrics that keep the album true to form.

A good example of this is the first single, “One Love.” Lyrically, the song is powerful and on the button with current times true to Hootie style.

Old religions, new generations
Caught in a struggle about a righteous way
Can’t see the forest for the frustrations
So many lyin’, so many dyin’
But only one love

The song shows the growth of the group musically. Unmistakably soft pop, the song also has hints of gospel and in some ways sounds like a wishful prayer. “Another Year’s Gone By” is another track that is in the same vein. It was emotionally inspired by 9/11. Both songs touched the soft side of me making them quick favorites.

Country influences are strongly heard on the songs “The Killing Stone” and “Autumn Jones,” not only in the style of the music but in the choice of instrumentation. Yes, that’s slide guitar on “The Killing Stone” and steel guitar on “Autumn Jones.”

“State Your Peace,” is the hardest track on the album and it’s more of an upbeat pop then anything else. It has an easy and warm feel which is in direct contradiction to the heavy lyrics. It is the one I most find myself singing along with as it is the kind of tune that just sticks in your head.

“Hey Sister Pretty” is funky and whimsical. It also has catchy lyrics that you won’t be able to quit singing.

With the potpourri or styles, the collection still rings true as a power pop album that is sure to please. Sound clips from Looking For Lucky as well as upcoming tour dates can be found at the band’s official website.

Track Listing

    A Smile
    Another Year’s Gone By
    Autumn Jones
    Can I See You
    Free To Everyone
    Get Out of my Mind
    Hey Sister Pretty
    One Love
    State Your Peace
    The Killing Stone
    Waltz Into Me

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