Saturday , July 20 2024

Recall Theme Song

Arriving just in time for the election, we have its theme song:

    Listen to “California Uber Alles”
    In light of the silliest election EVER taking place today in California, the artist formerly known as Dramarama has jumped into the studio and recorded a blistering version of the Dead Kennedys’ “California Uber Alles” with some new “Arnold-centric” lyrics.

    California Uber Alles
    written by Dead Kennedys/John Greenway
    new lyrics by John Easdale

    “vote for me on Tuesday…”
    I am Governor Arnold S…
    I’ll soon clean up this mess
    I have inherited…

    I’m jingling all the way
    from the Southland to the Bay
    I’ll govern all of you
    your kids will all lift weights in school…

    California uber alles…
    Uber alles California…

    The Golden State is getting worse…
    Need Mr. Universe…
    I am a movie star
    and drive the biggest, dumbest car

    This hero always wins…
    conveniently forgets his sins
    jumpin’ from the master race…
    and always wears the happy face


    here comes 2004…
    knock knock on your front door
    it’s my very own secret police
    come to pick up your ugly niece

    march quietly to the camp
    you’d make a lovely lamp
    don’t worry it’s just a shower
    for your clothes here’s a pretty flower

    body builder’s in control
    100% natural
    Say goodbye you lousy pest
    if you mess with Governor S.


Dramarama was one of my favorite L.A. groups in the ’80s – “Anything, Anything” still makes me rock so hard I fart.

I DJ’d between their sets at a party for 20,000 people on the Row at USC in the late-’80s – what a riot. Then when my first book, Networking In the Music Industry came out in ’93, Dramarama bassist/producer Chris Carter and his pal, the World Famous Rodney on the Roq, whom I interviewed for the book, helped me promote a book signing. That was a blast too. The Dramarama hits collection below is totally solid.

Click over to hear the recall theme song.

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