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Randy Moss picks the wrong time to whine about a contract extension - right after an exciting Patriots win to start the season.

Randy Moss Whines After Big Patriots Week One Win Over Cincy

The New England Patriots’ 38-24 win over Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens and the Cincinnati Bengals at home in the regular season opener was rather impressive. Wide receiver Wes Welker, who came back quicker than expected from a knee injury eight months back, caught eight Tom Brady passes for 64 yards and two touchdowns, including the first one of the year on the first Patriots drive of 2010. Brady was brilliant in leading the offense, throwing three touchdowns, 258 yards passing, and completing 25 of 35 passes.

While everyone else on the Patriots was celebrating the win, Welker’s star wideout partner Randy Moss, who caught five passes for 59 yards, put a damper on the win by whining for about 15 minutes about unnamed people not wanting him to succeed (what?) and being “hurt” by not being “appreciated” enough by the Patriots – most notably by head coach Bill Belichick. He told everyone in the media room that doesn’t mean he is unhappy to be a Patriot and will definitely play out the last year of his contract in New England. After that, he could go elsewhere.

This moment stemmed from an earlier comment he made to the media about being “unwanted” by the organization because of the lack of communication and contract extension offers from the Pats in the offseason.

It is kind of strange that Belichick practically ignored Moss this offseason, but then consider that the boss had some other more urgent priorities, like locking up his franchise quarterback Tom Brady for the near future, which he did finally do a few days ago, re-signing Vince Wilfork, kicker Stephen Gostkowski, and others in the offseason. Then there is the ongoing saga with guard Logan Mankins that started this offseason, a key player who won’t play and won’t sign a contract with the Pats over his own unhappiness with how the organization has treated him.

So the head coach has had a lot on his plate of late.

Look, I wanted that extension for Moss done yesterday. Brady wants that extension for him ASAP, and so do his teammates, I’m sure. But now that the season has started, that will be tough to do and Moss knows it. That’s why he’s (understandably) frustrated.

In other words, he’s telling the Boston media and fans today that if you don’t see me back next year, it’s not because I didn’t want to be here. It’s because I wasn’t wanted by Belichick bad enough, and that he didn’t offer me a contract on my time line (before today’s game).

But whining about a lack of a contract offer right after a thrilling win to open the season was a bad move, even selfish on his part, one that is taking away from the win and Welker’s successful first game back on the field since his devastating January knee injury.

Moss says he won’t talk about this the rest of the year. Good move, Randy (if you keep your word).

You’ll get your contract offer eventually. Just wait your turn like Brady did. You have a whole season now to (quietly) get an extension done.

You think Brady liked getting re-signed longterm after his field goal kicker did? No, but the $72 million deal for him is done and that’s all that matters. Remember what they say, Randy: good things come to those who wait.

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