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Trivia Game Review: ‘NFL Gridiron Trivia Challenge’

NFL Gridiron Trivia Challenge from MasterPieces gives true football fans a tough fight across the field of champions. Though the National Football League is only 100 years old, and the preceding American Professional Football Association just two years older than that, it has dominated our culture. Regular games and, of course, the Super Bowl lead television viewership, and the league is so massive it takes the combined MLB and NBA to challenge it. These numbers are impressive, but the true power behind football is the fans, who love their football trivia.

Offense, Defense and Beyond

Many fans talk a big game when it comes to knowing the most about the NFL and its century-long history, and the NFL Gridiron Trivia Challenge presents the opportunity for the best of the best to claim their title. The game breaks trivia questions into five categories. Offense asks offense-based questions, such as “Who led the Steelers in receptions and receiving yardage in 2018?”, while Defense asks similar questions on the other side, including, “The achievements of defensive backs Billy Thompson, Louis Wright, and Dennis Smith are recognized in what team’s Ring of Fame?”

Audibles takes things in a different direction with tossups like “Fact or fiction: Dom Capers has been head coach of two NFL expansion teams.” Teams focuses on the teams themselves, asking, “Dick Noland and his son, Mike, have each served as head coach of what NFL team?” Lastly, Honors focuses on the records and achievements of the game, such as “Packers jersey No. 15 was retired to honor what quarterback?”

More Than Trivia

Strictly knowing the answers is only one part of the game in the NFL Gridiron Trivia Challenge. The game is played across a five-by-five grid with point values for the questions in each category. Tougher questions are worth more points, but the important aspect is to get the right answer for the proper location. Players take turns naming which square they want, such as Audibles 400, and then try to answer that question correctly. If they do, they win the square, marking it with their team colors. If not, play switches to the opponent. The first player to build a straight line of five squares wins. Alternate rules make it more about points, with each player racing to reach a designated point goal or having the most points at the end.

Just as in the real thing, luck is a valuable commodity in the NFL Gridiron Trivia Challenge. Simply knowing the answer does have a bit of luck to it, such as when a question comes up about one’s favorite team. The real luck comes in the special “Breaks of the Game” cards that mark the squares randomly, hidden from the beginning of the game. Turnovers simply end the player’s turn, and the Hail Mary is valuable in giving a chance at four times the points if answered correctly. Replay the Down serves as a special opportunity to have a second guess at the question or can be saved for a later opportunity to cinch the game.

NFL Gridiron Trivia Challenge is a trivia game for two to six players aged 14 and up. Two players can easily go head-to-head, but the wide breadth of knowledge needed to secure a win might be best suited for teams. Besides, it is always more fun with a group to debate and deduce answers. With more than 1,000 questions, players will need to put in a lot of practice before they can be assured a victory over crafty contenders.

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