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Part one in the quest to choose the best House, M.D. episode. Vote now!

Quest for the Best House, M.D. Episode: Part One

As we draw to the close of the eight-season run of House, let’s reflect on the very best the series has had to offer its millions of fans across the globe. This is the first in a series of polls leading up to the series finale to identify the five best episodes in House history.

Welcome to the End of the Thought Process will run a new poll every few days—one for each season—and let you vote on the best. And then after the finale, we’ll vote on the best of the best. The polls will stay open until three days after the series finale on May 21. The final vote for the best of the best will be announced the following week.
For your added information, I’ve included links to the Welcome to the Thought Process Season One Episode Guide, published on Blogcritics back in 2008.

Season One Episode Guide Part One

Season One Episode Guide Part Two

I’ve taken a few liberties by creating a short list for each season. If I’ve left off a favorite, accept my apologies, but feel free to check “other” and explain your choice in the comments thread. I’ve tried to be uber-objective, but including 22 to 24 choices for each poll seemed excessive to me.

So, happy voting; spread the word, because the more votes (and comments), the merrier.

Along with favorites episode, I will be running additional polls to identify fan favorite fellows, clinic patients, patients of the week and more. So stay tuned!

So, without further ado, here is today’s poll: Best Season One Episode.

On to season two!

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  1. Is anyone still participating in this thread? I remain a huge “House” fan even today (April 19, 2014). Please tell me there’s someone else out there besides me!