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Meet the girl group behind the new E! series, Chasing The Saturdays.

Q & A: Meet The Saturdays

Tonight, E! is unveiling their latest reality series, Chasing The Saturdays. The show follows the popular UK girl group as they move to L.A. aiming for crossover success in the United States as they work on their latest album

The Saturdays, Frankie Sandford, Mollie King, Una Healy, Vanessa White and Rochelle Humes, recently fielded calls from various media outlets to discuss what viewers will see on their new show and revealed how they feel about being compared to the Spice Girls, their fear of joining the world of reality TV, and what they hope people take away from their new show and upcoming album.

 The Saturdays

Now that you’re working towards gathering your American audience fan base has it affected the way you guys listen to music or create your sound?

We’ve been together for five years and we’re coming out here as ourselves. We’re not trying to change for the American audience, because we see that the pop culture from home is really working here with One Direction and The Wanted, and we just want to stay true to ourselves. And we hope the people like us for who we are and that’s really what we’re going to stay true to.

Are you going to be doing any tours in America?

We would love to. We just [did] that show in New York and we had a show already at The Roxy, which was amazing for us. It was our first headlining show. But we would love to come back and do a massive tour here. That would be a dream definitely.

I don’t want to put you guys in the same category, because you are your own group, but sort of like the Spice Girls. Now that you’re being introduced to America, how do you think you differ from the Spice Girls?

First of all, we love the comparison of Spice Girls, because it’s a massive compliment for us and we love them. But I think we’re different in that obviously we’re five different girls.

Our music is slightly different, because it’s pop, we feel like we can do whatever want, and we can do more rockier songs. I think that especially with this show, you’re going to be able to see how we all get along personally in our personal lives and how close we are. We really are like a family and I think it’s going to be a great thing for America to see and get to know.

What was your guys’ biggest fear about the world of reality TV?

I think we were quite anxious just at the beginning, because we knew that we were going to let the cameras completely [in] our lives and obviously that was a little bit daunting, but we did also know at the same time that if we were going to do a reality show, then we have to give them everything.

You know, people want to see everything these days, so it’s been a really exciting journey for us. And we got to the point where you kind of forget the cameras are there, because we got so used to it, so we definitely overcame that fear.

What did you guys miss most from the UK while you were filming in America?

We miss our friends and family first and foremost I would say.


And that would be followed by food. We miss our English breakfast, just things like baked beans; we hardly get that over here, but we made up for it by having lots of pancakes.

What was the best part of filming and the worst part of filming?

The best part was taking on a new territory, moving somewhere different and that was very fun and just doing what we love. The worst part was being away from home and our loved ones, I’d say.

Are there any particular moments that we should expect to look forward to during the show?

Yes, most of it is a fun ride, but we are five girls, so there’s always going to be drama attached to us, with hormones and all that sort of thing.

But never like the one thing, you know, people always expect that we’d all be fighting with each other, but we very much stick together and we’ve all got each other’s backs, and we’re in this together, so we don’t argue with each other, but we might argue with other people.

Aside from playing The Roxy, what has been the most exciting part of your whole journey?

We also went to the MTV VMAs, which was exciting. We did the red carpet there. We’ve always grown up watching that, so that was really fun.

And just living over here, in general. We feel like complete martians over here, everything is so different for us, so it’s really nice to be living here for three months and hang out in the hot weather, as well.

What do you guys hope that people take away most from your songs and from your show?

Well, from the show I think we definitely would like people to see just close we are as a unit. We feel like sisters and know everything about each other. And I think it’s nice for people to see that, you know, girls who work this closely. We pretty much live together while we’re filming, and I think it’s nice for girls to see that.

And we’d just like people to get to know our music over here, because back in the UK, we’re quite established and we’ve done three tours and obviously people don’t know us over here, so it’s completely different for us and it’s quite exciting to start again.

Chasing The Saturdays debuts tonight on E! at 10 p.m.

Check out a sneak peek of Chasing The Saturdays below.

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