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The Music Tee combine T-shirts with downloadable music in one package.

Product Review: The Music Tee T-Shirts

The Music Tee is a recent entry into the ever popular T-shirt market, and if that were the case alone, they would hardly be worth mentioning. But like any good start-up, they have come up with a unique selling point. The Music Tee’s shirts are marketed as “A new product line that combines digital music and fashion in one eye-and-ear-catching package.”

I was intrigued by this description, and wondered how exactly I would feed a shirt into my iPod. I read on though, and found out that the music is actually downloadable, which makes things a lot easier.

The whole design of The Music Tee’s shirts is pretty cool. They feature the cover of whatever album you choose on the front, with the track listing on the back. To complete the package, there is a tag attached to the sleeve with a unique code to download the title to your device of choice. Unlike many commercially available music shirts, The Music Tee’s shirts are incredibly comfortable, come in all sizes, and are unisex.

The Music Tee have a large number of artists on the roster to choose from, in a variety of genres. The big news for 2010 is their launching of a “Vintage Collection,” beginning with classics from Bad Brains, Exciter, and Bad Religion. In addition, they will be introducing new artist titles every month.

For the musicians, this is yet another new approach to marketing their wares. The Music Tee is registered with Nielsen Soundscan, so every download counts as an album sale. The concept has been so successful that the company have recently inked deals with big labels such as Warner Brothers and Interscope, among others.

The shirts are available at a number of outlets, including Ron Herman, Metro Park, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Many of the artists are also selling the shirts at the venues they play on tour. A sure-fire way to check out what they have to offer is by going to The Music Tee.

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