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Yogasmoga provides incredibly comfy clothes while giving a hug to the rest of the world.

Yoga Clothing Review: Yogasmoga

Over the years I have ventured in and out of yoga practice. Never a hardcore devotee, I did a number of drop-in classes and got my own gear, which admittedly is half the fun. Spawning from of the growth of yoga has been an entire industry of clothing, accessories, studios and various teaching materials. I would venture to say the surrounding industries earn far more than the actual teaching of yoga, but that’s another story. What I am diving into here is one of those little things that tends to keep us from any type of exercise or physical effort: being comfortable and feeling like we look good (the latter shouldn’t matter as much, but let’s be honest, it does).


Yogasmoga helps alleviate both of those worries, but the company’s core drive is much more than that. They consider themselves a yoga company first, which also sells accoutrements to help practitioners along their journeys. Everything is done in the spirit of yoga, from how they dye their fabrics (no formaldehyde-based dyes) to ensuring they give back to the planet along the way (check out their Namaskar Foundation.) From top to bottom this company strives to be more than just a brand, it aims to be a movement.

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, any company that aims to be eco-friendly already takes a step up my promotional ladder. Yogasmoga chose not to follow the common industrial route of building its dyeing facility in a third-world country with lax-to-nonexistent environmental regulations. Its factory is in one of the toughest regulatory states in the U.S. and the company is proud of that fact. Also, through the Namaskar Foundation the company sends some net proceeds to charities that focus on health, education and microlending. For customers, it’s like donating through Kiva and getting an incredibly comfy shirt back!

So let’s talk about the clothes themselves. I got a Men’s Dharma Jacket (like the one shown above) and a pair of Women’s Classic Slimmie Pant (for the wife; it looked far better on her.) The quality of the fabric is outstanding. It’s soft, durable, breathable and feels like a second skin, even when it’s not skin-tight. I’m a nerd for those hipster thumb holes at the end of sleeves and the Dharma jacket has those already built in. It also has inside pockets and another small zipper pouch up in the sleeve. If MacGyver did yoga, he would wear this.

The women’s Classic Slimmie Pant came in a dual-color pattern (called Carbon 6/Crimson Rose) and is more snug on the top and flares out slightly towards the feet. It boasts the same high-quality fabric along with a small hidden pocket in the waistband, which is perfect for a couple of keys, metro pass or other small flat items.

Both are manufactured and assembled with flat-seam stitching, so no matter how snug they are there are no worries about chafing or friction burns. This is the height of comfort for yoga and workout gear.

When the package was shipped, there was a sticker on the outside that said, “Packed with Smogi Love.” Throughout their website you get the honest sense they care deeply about their customers, the planet and the mission behind the practice of yoga.

Yogasmoga is a perfect company for the hardcore and beginner yoga practitioner. The people behind it have clothes, support and love to give.

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