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Aggronautix have immortalized Party Hard/Motivational Speaker Andrew WK with his very own Throbblehead.

Product Review: Andrew WK Throbblehead by Aggronautix

Aggronautix’s ninth Throbblehead doll is of that “Party Hard” dude, Andrew WK. The company was formed in March 2009, and has been immensely successful in selling their punk rock bobbleheads. Previous editions include G.G. Allin, Wendy O. Williams (Plasmatics), and Tesco Vee (Meatmen). One thing all of the earlier incarnations share is the fact that the subjects are all old school punks. In fact, they went all the way back to 1979 in honoring the founder of DOA, Joey “Shithead” Keithley.

So the choice of turn-of-the-millennium party guy Andrew WK was a little surprising. According to their website, Andrew needed some “sweet merch” to sell on tour this year. And before you could say “Motivational speaker,” he had his very own Throbblehead doll, produced in a limited edition of 1,000 units.

Motivational speaker has got to be the oddest choice a guy best known for a song called “Party Hard” could make. But that is what Andrew WK does now, when his is not selling his sweet merch. You got to pay those bills somehow I guess, and it looks like he is doing fairly well at it. Andrew has spoken at a number of colleges over the past five years, including Yale, Carnegie Mellon, and New York University.

His Throbblehead would have you forget any stabs at respectability though. It celebrates the Party Hard man as if it were 2001 forever. His bloody mouth on the CD cover for I Get Wet was certainly one of the more shocking of the year, and that is the guy Aggronautix is glorifying now.

Besides the blood-splattered face, the doll captures the other aspects of his look perfectly. His choice of all-white T-shirt, jeans, and boots was always a good one, as they show the red so vividly. And Andrew has his fist raised in the traditional party hard rocker stance known worldwide.

The doll stands seven inches tall, comes in a windowed display box, and each side is stickered with the immortal two-word greeting “Party Hard.”. Like all of the other Throbbleheads, Andrew WK may be available at your local record store. Mine has carried every one of them so far at least. You could visit the Aggronautix site as well, where various other items from the artists are also available.

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