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The fun, more realistic format converts the considerable time and effort into a fun, exciting experience.

Nintendo Wii Review: EA Sports Active

This high quality fitness game offers a customized program including more than 25 exercises and activities like volleyball, cardio dancing, squats, lunges, inline skating, bicep curls, and cardio boxing. Exercises concentrate on upper and lower body and include plenty of cardio work, so the excitement level stays high as players can tackle tough workouts individually or with a friend at their own Wii station.

The game’s training programs includes a 30 day challenge with Bob Greene created based on your entered profile. The virtual trainers guide your progress including important health factors like stress levels and eating habits. It’s a great experience and necessary to access special options and activities.

You don’t have to enter your weight, yet another reason for exercisers to choose this game instead of a gym. Once you put your profile in and create your realistically animated character, you’re good to go on an active journey that provides daily feedback and helps you have fun.

Exercise plans are generated automatically according to your profile and the game provides feedback daily so you can fine tune or alter your workouts as needed. The outstanding customization lets you enjoy the process your way as you’re rewarded with several result venues such as special graphs and achievement trophies.

EA Sports ActiveFitness options firm up with a two player option and incorporation of the Wii Balance Board and special leg strap and resistance band. There’s nothing like a little healthy competition as you take on a friend in a two-player, split-screen workout-off. The races can be especially entertaining to play… and watch. The Wii Balance Board isn’t available in two player mode and you’ll likely need/want another leg strap and resistance band.

The leg strap is placed on your thigh, and then you attach the Nunchuk. The rubber made resistance band attaches to two black straps to regulate upper body exercises while the Velcro held leg strap regulates the vertical level of your thighs. No more shortcuts around the lower body exercise because the Nunchuk (on the leg strap) senses the leg height and movement.

Other fitness games have not yet taken this consideration. You’ll even see adjusting onscreen messages if you’re movements aren’t matching desired results. The movements register very well and take some minor adjustments in different areas. For example, punches on the bag seem to register twice at a time when you move the controls rapidly. If you envision hitting the targets using a deliberate, yet quick fencing-style thrust, you’ll get better results.

The high rewards and meaty statistics make you feel you accomplish more while the fun format helps converts the considerable time and effort into a fun, exciting experience. With so much variety, you’ll never be bored with your workout again. Clear instructions, instant feedback, meaningful encouragement, and valuable tips help you achieve maximum results.

Look for an EA SPORTS Active expansion pack, before year’s end, that will include a warm up/cool down feature, obstacle courses, step aerobics, and water skiing plus a six week challenge.

EA Sports Active is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB.

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