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Maybe a day late to make it a Valentine gift for a lover or friend, but buy it for that special someone anyway.

Music Review: The Low Stars

On February 15, the Low Stars first self-titled album, a mix of mellow melodies and soothing harmonies, will be available at your local Starbucks store, which is really pretty fitting as the songs contained herein are as soothing and will leave you as warm as a good cup of Mocha Espresso.

The album, an adult alternative collection of songs with a strong folk theme, is the project of four talented singers who have all had respectable careers before coming together as Low Stars. Chris Seefried is probably best known for his work with Gods Child who was signed to Warner Brothers Records by Quincy Jones. Jude, the folk poet of the group, had a single “I Know” on the City of Angles soundtrack as well as his own album, Redemtion. His music can also be heard in many of today’s popular television shows, including Lost. Jeff Russon was the lead guitarist and co-songwriter in Tonic and Dave Gibbs founded Gigolo Aunts and has his work featured in the films Mr. Deeds and Josie and the Pussycats.

Admittedly, the album and their overall sound is meant to emulate that of such great harmony driven acoustic rock artists as The Eagles and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. And they do succeed in delivering both the sound and the strong song structure of the mentioned influences. “Calling All Friends,” is a track you very well may have already heard as it’s the theme song for ABC’s What About Brian and is a good representation of what the whole album is – positive messages and soothing sounds.

All of the songs have a strong focus on lyrics that mean something or tell a story, but perhaps none so much as “Child.” The song was written by Chris Seefied, but Ruso spoke candidly about it in the press release for the album. “I know Chris got into this song because he was about to become a father, and I’m about to become a father. I listen to this and it has new meaning for me. All these songs have that. It was really important for us to put together a record that was meaningful lyrically.” And perhaps it’s even truer because the rich harmonies put a distinct focus on those lyrics. The song is a beautiful testament of looking at life through a child’s eyes, and how that perception changes at different points in one’s life.

“Love, Love, Love,” is a throwback, yet milder, protest song, “Why Not Your Baby” is a warm broken hearted love song, and “LA Forever” has a desperate realization that change must come, but all three flow together and fit as very individual pieces to form a cohesive puzzle. It’s the perfect album to curl up with a cup of coffee and watch the snow blowing outside. It’s not only soothing, but will leave you feeling warm.

Low Stars will be available in all Starbucks’ stores beginning February 15, maybe a day late to make it a Valentine gift for a lover or friend, but buy it for that special someone anyway. It’s the perfect sentiment. You can hear tracks from the album and decide for yourself and the Low Stars Myspace Profile page.

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