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Morning Parade look backward and forward on this great album.

Music Review: Morning Parade – Morning Parade

Is it still considered an insult to mention Oasis in the course of a record review? I hope not, because I actually liked (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?, or at least parts of it. And when I put on the new self-titled album by Morning Parade, and “Blue Winter” blasted out, I was sort of reminded of those ’90s fave-raves. That is only on the surface though, and only for a few moments. Morning Parade have a lot to say, and say it in their own way. They manage to do it in a most effective manner as well, I might add.

While there is a very ’90s feel to Morning Parade, this is meant in the most complimentary fashion. I love the big, jangly guitars of the album’s single, “Headlights,” and “Carousel” has a similar feel. The pace slackens a bit by the fourth track, “Running Down The Aisle,” although the electric break puts this song in a class all its own.

Morning Parade was definitely programmed the old school way, with the power tracks up front, and the more reflective moments coming later. One of the better mid-tempo tunes is titled “Close Your Heart.” One of the elements that make Morning Parade such a good band are the harmonies. The back-up vocals during “Close Your Heart” are a great example of this.

To complete the whole 2012-meets-1996 thing, Morning Parade make a side trip to lonely hearts land. Yes, I hear the dreaded “E” word, and it don’t stand for Ecstasy my friends. As we get further into the album, I have to say I hear a bit of emo in the music. Check out “Us & Ourselves” and “Born Alone” for starters. It is probably “Monday Morning” which is the hews closest to what we knew and loved as emo.

All of these comparisons are offered to illustrate this band’s versatility. The music of Morning Parade is much more brash and original than I may have given it credit, however. This album is actually a great collection of songs. Somehow they manage to look ahead to the future, while never forgetting where they came from. Morning Parade is one of the better efforts I have heard so far this year.

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