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The album gives the listener songs penned by a soul whose lived it all, yet delivers it with a fresh voice.

Music Review: Christa Borden – I Rhyme With Orange

Gritty, relatable, and honest are just three adjectives that come to mind when listening to this, the debut album, from Christa Borden. But what of that title — I Rhyme With Orange? Hasn't anyone ever told her that “orange” is the single word in the English language that has no rhyme?

Borden explains in a recent press release that she's quite aware of the paradox, and it's the idea of being unique and "Loving yourself and wanting to be the best, brightest version of yourself – not accepting the status quo," that drew her to the title. It'll only take one listen to know she's hit accomplished just that with the album's contents.

Case in point: the lead single "Empty Bottles." The lyrics speak of a desperate emotional state. And whether the dependence is truly chemical or it's all a metaphor for an emotional addiction, Borden transports the listener to the poignant core. She busts through any protective walls that might have once protected her heart, lowers he defenses and lays it all on the line. Being along hurts. You can empty bottles to dull the pain, but all that will be left is an empty shell.

On Borden's website, she is as honest and upfront about where these songs came from as she is with her lyrics. “I sometimes like to say that when my heart starts to bleed, there’s no clotting mechanism. It just keeps bleeding."

"Empty Bottles" Video:

But what's special about the connection between the song itself and the above video is the dichotomy of such somber emotion displayed in such vibrant colors. The movement and the cinematography is almost uplifting, and this isn't the only place uses such contradictory sensations on the album.

All in all, this album will appeal to fans of true-life tinged pop and singer-songwriter styling as its honesty and poignant stories blend the two genres and give the listener songs penned by a soul whose lived it all, yet delivers it with a fresh voice. You can purchase I Rhyme With Orange beginning Tuesday, May 4 in all the usual places. If you want a sneak peak before you buy, AOL Music will feature a Listening Party May 3-9.

I Rhyme With Orange Track Listing:

  • Tonight
  • Cut Me Loose
  • Empty Bottles
  • I Will Wait
  • Homesick
  • Better Than She Can
  • Don't Keep It Inside
  • Drowning
  • Drive
  • Autumn Glown
  • Empty Bottles (acoustic)

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