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Rusty Strings

Music Review: Brown Kid – ‘Rusty Strings’ EP Radiates Trop-Rock

Brown Kid just dropped his first EP, entitled Rusty Strings. Originally from Lima, Peru, and currently living in the U.S., Eduardo, aka Brown Kid, has recorded, collaborated, and performed with diverse artists in a variety of genres.

The tracks on Rusty Strings reflect sundry flavors, ranging from tropical vibes to surf rock, as well as hip-hop and reggae. Probably the best description of Brown Kid’s sound is trop-rock.

Rusty Strings contains six tracks. “Welcome to My Funeral” reflects an exotic, beachy vibe, as Brown Kid croons blithely about a funeral from the corpse’s viewpoint, which is pragmatically humorous. “La Farra” is a reggae-flavored hip-hop tune about being young and partying to the max. The title of the tune is Spanish for “festive atmosphere.”

“Hole in the Wall” exhibits the same capricious feel as Joe Walsh’s “Life’s Been Good.” The guitar is simple but buoyant, with an addictive riff. Essentially, this is a carefree, laid-back tune for the beach or lounging by the pool.

“Jamaicamecrazy” is a reggae-lite tune radiating coasting energy and indulgent colors. A rapping supplement infuses the tune with tantalizing savors and taut textures. The rapping is unexpected but works well with the flow of the tune.

The title track is imbued with Latin spice, as well as DJ scratch samples, giving the music an impulsive nuance. The song tells the tale of an immigrant’s journey to the U.S. Brown Kid’s voice takes on an edginess, adding to the song’s immediacy.

“Complacency” is my favorite track on the album because of its chugging rhythm and Brown Kid’s rich and smooth tones. The simple bassline, thick with depth, contrasts with Brown Kid’s nonchalant voice, giving the tune two distinctive registers, upper and lower.

With Rusty Strings, Brown Kid demonstrates his knack for coalescing different flavors into interesting concoctions full of optimism and sonic élan.

Follow Brown Kid on brownkidmusic.com.


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