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Line up for suspect females, coffee throwing, and a governor who didn’t listen to her mother.

More News You Can Abuse: Gender Testing

Does She or Doesn’t She? I Mean, Is She or Isn’t She?

Even though there is only one documented case in Olympic history of a man posing as a woman in the Olympics, gender testing is still conducted. It may come as no surprise to some that the Nazis had something to do with that one case.

The Beijing Olympics’ organizers have set up and are ready to test “suspect” female athletes. Beijing is not the first Olympic host to do so. Sydney and Athens did the same. Beijing will use Peking Union Medical College Hospital to make evaluations based on external appearance, hormones, and genes.

It’s probably not in keeping with protocol, but if I were any of the athletes in question, I’d tell them to “Blow me!” – and when they couldn’t, case closed.

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You Are Not the Bossier of Me!

In an attempt to dissuade a Bossier City, Louisiana robber who did, in fact, get away with an undisclosed amount of money, a Circle K employee threw cleaning solution at the robber, missed, and then threw hot coffee at him. Police haven’t located the robber yet. They’ve likely placed undercover agents in the aloe vera aisle of the local pharmacy. Litigation over the coffee’s temperature is no doubt forthcoming.

Bar None

Chris Gregoire is the governor of Washington. She is also is 61-years old. She was refused entrance to Hannah’s, a downtown Olympia, Washington bar, because she couldn’t prove she was old enough to drink.

She said she felt complimented by the incident. Her husband, Mike, went on in. The owner of the establishment, Todd Ruzicka, said his 23-year-old bouncer needed more training.

Chris, get a grip. No 61-year old has ever been mistaken for a minor. You were more likely refused because you didn’t have identification. Didn’t your mother teach you anything? Were you also wearing tainted underwear?

Mike, if your wife doesn’t get a lawyer, count your blessings. If my husband ever left me at the entrance of a bar under those circumstances, I’d leave him.

Todd, your bouncer doesn’t need more training. He needs glasses.

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