Sunday , April 21 2024

Memory meme

An excellent meme, via Purple Pen

Which authors have you read more than ten books by?

Mine are (or those I can remember thus far, roughly in the order in which I read them) …

Enid Blyton
Arthur Ransome
Elyne Mitchell (particularly her brumby books. (Brumbies are wild horses.)
Ruby Ferguson (of the “Jill” pony books)
“Jean Blaidy”
Zane Grey (and probably several other writers of Westerners I’ve now forgotten)
Patrick O’Brian (and probably several writers of war novels of varying eras whose names I’ve forgotten)
George Macdonald (Yes the Flashman series; I’m bring brutally honest here – and I was only about 13)
Alastair MacLean
James Michener
Agatha Christie
Isaac Asimov
John Steinbeck
James Herriot
Dick Francis
John Francome
Peter Corris
Sue Grafton
Ellis Peters
Colleen McCullough
Lindsey Davis
Anne Perry
Dorothy L Sayers
Elizabeth Peters
Kerry Greenwood (on whom I posted here)
Marele Day (a rather good Australian writer of feminist detective stories))
Peter Ackroyd

Obviously, the way to sell lots of books is to write long series of detective novels or thrillers, or at least that is what this list would suggest.

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