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Sonny and Kate join Jason at Police headquarters. Exactly what is Jax willing to risk for his brother?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Life Behind Bars

On Monday's General Hospital:

Elizabeth first tried to stop Lucky from arresting Jason, and then stood back aghast when he continued to do so. She left the coffee shop in a huff. Later when Lucky returned home, she gave him the cold shoulder, reminding her husband that without Jason both Jacob and her would have died the night the baby was born. Lucky stood his ground, insisting he couldn't pick and chose his assignments.

When Cruz arrived with back-ups to question Sonny about Alcazar's murder, he found Kate and Sonny arguing over her demolished statue (Still!). When Kate tried to explain the crime against her, Cruz doubted it was possible for anyone to shoot a cable on a helicopter. Of course little Miss High And Mighty dug a deeper hole for herself and when one of the officer's took her arm to lead her out for questioning, she hauled off and backslapped him.

So now Kate's under arrest for assaulting an officer and Sonny is being held in connection for murder, but Ric sends both of them up to his office to be held. (Like that would happen!) As much as Sonny tried to persuade her to keep her mouth shut, Kate just couldn't listen and in the end Sonny was released, and Kate was held. But not before Carly could come up to the DA's office and belittle Sonny for helping Kate when he should be helping Jason.

Lulu finally confided in Spinelli, telling him what she learned in the courtroom and using it as an excuse why she can't date him, or Milo, or Dillon. She sees love as the first step to heartbreak and also sees herself as a mirror image of her mother. She fears if she opens herself up, she will end up catatonic in an asylum. Ever the gentleman, Spinelli insisted he would still be her friend.

They ended up at the Coffee Shop, I suppose so Lulu could share her new revelation with Milo.  Instead the pair had a run-in with Logan. After divulging his plan to replace Jason in Sonny's organization, words became shoves and shoves became punches. After punching Spinelli, he grabbed Lulu and forced a kiss on her.

And I'm really not liking where this is going. Setting up Logan and Lulu as the next Luke and Laura with similar backgrounds and histories is one thing, but let's leave the sexual assault out of it. I hope when we pick back up in the Coffee Shop tomorrow Lulu puts Logan in his place.

Unable to find the DNA samples in the lab, Jerry quickly packed to leave town. Jax stopped him, showing him the DNA results from the department which found no connection between James Craig and Jerry Jacks. After admitting he had the samples switched out, Jax also warned that if Jerry hurt anyone he cared about he would personally hand him over to Ric.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

  • ABC Soaps in Depth is only one of the soap magazine's promising a return of Anna (Finola Hughes) and possibly Robert (Tristan Rogers) this summer. These two veterans will be involved in a storyline effecting Noah Drake (Rick Springfield). In an interview with the magazine, Robert Guza Jr. (The show's head writer) says, "We want to play a story for Noah which is going to directly impinge upon Patrick and Robin… Noah will turn out to have a life nobody knew about. It's not in the way that you think. It's going to be a fun story. We've been wanting to this story almost since we bought Rick back."

    Yes! I've been waiting for a storyline like this, for as long as they say they've been wanting to write it.

  • On Tuesday's GH:Carly attacks Sonny. Maxie is still scheming. Emily warns Elizabeth about Lucky.

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