Tuesday , May 28 2024
The counter-agent is delivered and Jason holds his baby.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Saving Grace

On Monday's General Hospital:

As Patrick predicted, Jerry (Craig) showed up just in time. After having one of his power trip sessions, threatening Patrick's life and the lives of everyone Patrick cares about, he gave him a syringe of the counter-agent. After Nikolas came to, Patrick informed him he had held back just enough of the agent to study and duplicate. Risky move if you ask me. What if it had required the full dosage to work? I wonder if it will wear off quicker than expected and what Jerry's reaction will be if it does?

Lulu had been called to the hospital before the counter-agent had been provided and while keeping a bedside vigil for her brother, also learned that Liz's baby had been born and that Jason was with her. Once Nikolas was responsive, she told him about the baby, and he sent her off to see him and be with Lucky.

Dr. Kelly and the nurses were able to save both the baby and Liz. When she came to, her first sight was a tearful Jason cradling their son. They shared emotional moments fawning over the new life they shared before Lucky came in and practically whisked the baby from Jason's arms. As he tried to deal with his emotions in the hall, it seemed as though holding his child had changed everything for him. I don't expect the paternity secret to remain one much longer at all. Especially since at episode's end Lucky called out for nurses saying his "wife was in trouble."

Unaware Jason had been sidetracked, Sonny waited across town at the coffee warehouse for a phone call from Jason telling him the 'deed was done' against Lorenzo. All the while, he played cat and mouse with the uppity woman and her assistant who were insisting on using his phone. Through Diane we learned she is a fashion magazine editor named Kate Howard, a real power-player and one of the most influential women in business, but Sonny wasn't impressed and distracted by the feeling they had met before. At episode's end he remembered how – calling her out as a 'Connie' from his old neighborhood.

Sparks are flying in all sorts of direction with all kinds of women for Sonny. First we witnessed the passionate liaisons with Amelia, and then the flirting over the last few episodes with Diane, and now sparks are flying with Kate/Connie. I'm glad to see he got over Carly quickly. Only problem is when Carly sees he has no shortage of woman to distract him, will she be so content with Jax, especially when it comes out his brother Jerry was the one to hold them hostage at the Metro Court?

On today's General Hospital (contains spoilers):

Jason’s torn about the baby. Lulu is there so I'm sure she will be pleading with him to keep his promise and the secret. The thing is Lulu doesn't know Liz told Jason if she is unable to make decisions about the baby, Jason should step up and claim his place. We've been waiting on this reveal for a long time and it's about to be set in motion.

Sonny and Kate recall their past. Some say this is going to include Logan. Kate Howard is supposedly his mother, though it doesn't seem as though she would have raised the brash kid we've been witness to, and Sonny could be his father. I'm still rooting for Scott Baldwin as Logan's pop, but it's really looking like TPTB are going to deny us that one.

Craig threatens Emily. Ho-hum! Nothing new here! If he's threatening Emily he must figure out she's in the know. His plans are crumbling fast and Jax and Carly are supposed to return form their honeymoon on today's episode. Things should start exploding in true to form sweeps fashion!

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