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Jerry Jax's voice sounds oh so familiar.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – A Familiar Name to a New Face

Today on General Hospital:

Friday's show ended with shots being fired at the studio. It turned out the mobster's bullet was off the mark. Not so lucky for bad guy number one as Sam was able to come up with a gun and shot him square in the chest, killing him (unbelievably similar to what her alter ego Angela Monroe did to Bill). Jason overpowered the other and shot him in the chest, missing all major organs. (Tell me, is that even possible?)

Amelia gave Cruz a full account of what happened while Jason continually gave the standard "I'm not saying anything without my lawyer" response to Lucky. Liz will be happy to hear the whole incident caused Lucky to reconsider naming Jason as the baby's godfather. Amelia immediately played damage control, calling Mayor Floyd in to put a tight lid on the story and telling Jason if he cares anything about Sam and her up-and-coming career he will stay as far away from her as possible. He must have taken that advice to heart. At episode's end, he jumped on his motorcycle and rode off into the sunset.

Aside from the violence and typical gunplay the writers of the show seem to think is an integral part of compelling storytelling, it's getting harder and harder to tell if Amelia is out to destroy Sam or isn't developing a bit of a protective nature over the other woman. Maybe Sam's destruction has to be on her terms, but the story isn't holding my interest.

Continuing with the violent theme, Mr. Craig waved his gun at Robin and Patrick and threatened them both. Robin refused to step out from in front of Patrick and pleaded with Mr. Craig to let them continue as they were. She promised to carry on as Nikolas' lover and assured Patrick would carry on as the jealous and jilted one. The minute he got back to the hospital, though, Patrick ordered copies of all Nikolas' toxicology tests hoping he would be able to find an antidote.

Patrick brushed off Noah when he tried to discuss the building problem of Dr. Ford and then began bickering with Robin when she publicly shunned him — telling him to mind his own business. Noah took a stand and told the two the hospital was in real trouble and the last thing they needed was doctors who were acting unprofessionally. After the two stormed off, Noah asked Emily if he had been too harsh. She agreed it had to be said, but also admitted she couldn't imagine working with someone who had left them. Imagine her surprise when she later walked into the doctors' locker room to find Robin and Patrick kissing.

Noah always provides balance for the Patrick and Robin chemistry that can go from fire to ice in seconds flat and he's always a welcome sight when we are treated to the goings on in the hospital. I'm only hoping as he continues to be a squeaky wheel about Dr. Ford and hospital policy we'll see more and more of the good doc. Emily gaining insight into what's really happening with Nikolas' estate will only make things more complicated, but hopefully will help bring resolution.

It was birthday presents from the boys Carly brought to Sonny, but it seemed all he wanted was a kiss (while I yawned.) Again she gave the speech I should have memorized by now. "Just let me go," was her final plea. Surprisingly, that is exactly what Sonny did – let her go. Later she sat with Jax planning a guest list and talking of how Lady Jane had arrived. Carly asked if Jax's brother Jerry would be coming and he replied, "We'll find out right now," as he pulled a ringing cell phone from his pocket.

Surprise of all surprises… it was a familiar voice giving his regrets. Even more surprising, the voice had more of a British accent than Australian. We then see a familiar face to match that voice – Mr. Craig's.

Had you not seen the spoiler posted over the weekend, it still was built up carefully. Craig telling Nikolas he had only had "this face" for a short time and really hated to get a new one, and Jax telling Lady Jane he had never actually caught up with Jerry when he was trying to help him out in Siberia. His brother, apparently, had stayed two steps ahead of him as they crisscrossed the globe.

I feel like I should let this play out a bit more before I pass judgment on this twist in the Mr. Craig saga, but at present I'm feeling extremely manipulated and feel as though recent history is being re-written to accommodate a new (or the rehashing of an old) story.

Remember, May sweeps kick off Thursday, April 26 and with the looks of things it should be an exciting stretch with the special twist to Mr. Craig's identity and baby "Stone Cold" on the way, make sure you stay tuned.

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