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Murphy proposes to Brenda, and Jason is released from prison.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Jason’s Released, Brook Lyn Drugs Dante

On Monday’s General Hospital: Patrick tries to put Lisa in her place, Murphy proposes to Brenda, Lucky and Dante rally around Michael, Jason is released from prison, and Dante is drugged.

A left over from Friday’s episode, Patrick chased Lisa down at the hospital to again emphasize that whatever little thing they had going on between them was over. My only issue with how this went down was that Patrick told her she was being a “borderline stalker.” We crossed borderline weeks ago, Patrick. She’s ventured into the land of cuckoo.

In Rome, Murphy proposed marriage to Brenda and made a very good case for why the two should be together. Brenda, on the other hand, argued that she’d been left at the altar three times, twice by the same man and that maybe marriage wasn’t right for her. When pressed she explained the details and skirted around the obvious question: “Do you love Sonny?”

I can’t figure out what Brenda’s concerns are. She has a gorgeous, kind man who understands her and wants to treat her well. Or there is Sonny: self-absorbed, mob boss who’s done her wrong more times than she’d want to count. Forget Sonny! Forget about going back to PC! If you want to do what’s right, Brenda, head off into the sunset with Murphy. Of course, we all know this isn’t going to happen, And I am glad the character is returning. I’d just question the sanity of any woman who’d put Sonny first.

Ronnie tried to put Michael at the scene of the drive-by shooting, but Dante swore he’d been at the apartment watching the ballgame the whole time. Later Lucky showed up to inform Ronnie that the witness had recanted her story and then told Dante and Michael he needed to know the whole truth if he was going to protect Michael. At least he had the sense to make note that a cover up was what got Michael in trouble in the first place.

Here’s an idea. How about everyone works to keep Michael away from trouble, instead of ignoring him on a daily basis and letting him do whatever he wants. And can’t Ronnie just access Michael’s ankle monitor and find out if he was standing on that corner at that time? Or is Ronnie old school PCPD and too stupid to really exist in any way, shape or form.

Claire pulled through the red tape and got Jason released. He returned home to a big welcome from Spinelli and party-in-the works from Carly (as soon as she took care of a little business.) The first item he wanted to check off the to-do list: Stop any of Carly’s insane plans. I think he’s just a little bit too late.

Because In the time she had between finding out he’d been released and when he actually arrived, Carly told Brook Lyn she could either do the deed with Dante tonight (and get photo evidence) or head back to Bensonhurst with empty pockets. Feeling the pressure, Brooke called Dante and drew him out to Jake’s where she later dropped a suspicious white pill in his beer.

I’m sure we can all guess where this is leading.

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