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Another of Sonny's children is a victim of his violence and Patrick's infidelity on Friday's General Hospital.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Another Ka-boom, Another Injured Child

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For months now those around mob boss Sonny have been trying to make him understand how dangerous his presence is to his children. His son was hit by a bullet meant for him. The same son ended up in prison because Sonny encouraged him to cover up the self-defense murder of his step-mother. His daughter hid her abusive relationship with her boyfriend because she was afraid Daddy would kill the boyfriend. And now…the same daughter was standing next to a car when a bomb Sonny planted exploded at the end of Friday's show.

Ka-boom (Similar to its counter-part clink-boom, but without the celebration going on at the same time as the explosion) is such a common tool used by head writer Robert Guza, Jr. it's been given the not-so-fancy nickname. My problem? Another injured child. For those who remain spoiler free, I'll wait until the end of the article to comment on future storyline plans, but anyone who watched Friday knows that Kristina will not emerge free from injury. There's a portion of the fan base who will say the character brought it on herself, chasing after her father's biggest enemy, Johnny Zacchara, and making it appear as if she was sleeping with him just to get a rise out Sonny. Yes, Kristina has been spiraling out of control for months, but it doesn't make violence against children a pleasant thing to watch.

The only thing that would make this storyline worth it in the end is if Sonny finally learns the lesson, but I'm not holding my breath.

James Franco reprises his role of Franco (the serial killer / artist) this week. He's already causing a huge stir sending his crime-scene photos to Dante, Maxie and baby Joslynn and then sending Maxie 66 roses. The impending threat of Franco has served as a catalyst to spring Jason from his Pentenville jail cell and my guess is when Saint Jason saves the day, he will be given a pardon on the rest of his sentence.

This is the second of three story arcs planned for the actor and thus far it's promising to be more entertaining than the previous. No fault to the actor, as usual my complaints come from the stories handed him. In the coming weeks we will be seeing some of James Franco actual performance art as his recent gallery show was taped for use in future episodes.

As if these first two story-lines weren't enough to get you down, the third arc featured in Friday's episode was the beginning of what is sure to become Patrick's infidelity with Lisa. I'm sure fellow scrubs fans wanted to throw bricks at their televisions when Patrick made his big move, but I've seen the signs of the demise of this fan-favorite couple for awhile. Yes, Robin has been emotionally distant for months, and before that Patrick had to hold down the fort and help her through her severe case of postpartum depression. Will Patrick's affair signal the end of scrub?

Because of the holiday, the Monday July 5 episode will be a repeat. We will again be treated to Sonny shooting Dante, before finding out he's the undercover detective's father. New episodes resume on Tuesday.

Comings and Going: Tony Geary left this week for his extended vacation. Don't expect Luke back on the canvas until September.

James Franco's real life mother is playing Franco's (the character) mother for the first few days of this special story arc.

Vanessa Marcil is returning, reprising the role of Brenda. Her return is said to be tied to Franco and she will have lasting effects on the three men she's been previously involved with: Jason, Jax, and Sonny. Marcil has signed a two year contract, but rumor is it's a pretty flexible deal.

Spoiler Alert: Several spoiler sites are reporting that Kristina will be (temporarily?) blinded from the car explosion. It also appears Sonny will be slow to accept any kind of responsibility for his daughter getting hurt.

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