Friday , June 14 2024
Patrick worries about Robin and his baby; Nikolas longs for more time with Emily and Spencer.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Grasping at Straws

Patrick tried desperately to get Robin to let him be involved in her pregnancy, while Nikolas turned to Dr. Devlin with hopes of hanging on to Emily a little longer. Sonny rejected Jason's theories about Kate's shooting, but was then forced to face the cold hard truth.

Much to Patrick's frustration, Robin was back up and around soon after Nikolas kicked her. When she insisted she was fine, Patrick asked quite loudly, in front of the nurse's station, "But what about my baby." Robin was aghast. I cheered out loud.

I know Robin has abandonment issues and this is why she's pushing Patrick away. She'd rather cut him out now than have him dump her and the baby later. However, he has evolved from a real dog who was afraid of commitment to a man in love, not only with her but now with the child. If Robin would just open her heart to that, these two could face the rocky road ahead together.

Dr. Devlin continued with his extra special personal care of Sam while Lucky watched with a jealous eye. Typical, isn't it? Lucky didn't want Sam, but now that it seems someone else might, he's rethinking that. Or is he being motivated by the knowledge that Liz has been seeing Jason on the sly? Actually, I'm more interested in what Ian sees in Sam. He has to have an ulterior motivation.

Nadine was the only one who was able to calm Nikolas down from his latest rage in the OR, but she did so by only pretending to give him a sedative. Later, in a private conversation with Ian, Nikolas agreed to take the doctor's mysterious, illegal, wonder drug. He wants more time with Emily but is not ready to leave Spencer yet. I totally get that grief can cause you to do desperate things but I would think Prince Nik would be the last one to want to take experimental drugs given it's most likely the one Jerry was shooting him up with that caused this brain tumor.

Of course, Nikolas doesn't realize it yet, but I'm sure the drug Jerry used came from Ian too. I'm still trying to figure out what his story is. He preaches to Patrick, Robin, and anyone who will listen about how medicine needs to be about caring for the patient and not finances, but then he asks Nikolas what's in it for him before giving him the experimental answer to his problem. At least I'm more intrigued by this guy's story than I am with anything having to do with Sonny, Jason, and the big bad Zs.

Johnny held onto his sanity by continuing to compose "Lulu's song" on the walls of his padded cell. That is, until his marker ran out. Not too long after that, Milo, Max, et el showed up to take him away saying that Sonny gave final orders.

Sonny was giving a lot of orders. After shutting out Jason and his theory that Michael shot Kate and then ran away in fear, he returned to his office to find Mike had caught the two guys who sold Michael the bullets to his gun. After learning from the terrified twosome that someone did sell Michael gun, Sonny gave the order to, and I quote, "waste them." Some slick talking and the promise to rat out who sold the gun to mini-mobster was the only thing that saved them in the end.

Now that he knows Michael had a gun, bullets, was seen running on the docks and had gun oil in his backpack, can Sonny at least entertain that it wasn't the Zs who were responsible?

On Thursday's GH:

Alexis recognizes Ric is trying to change; Spinelli searches for the hidden bombs in the warehouse.

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