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General Hospital revs up to celebrate the silver anniversary of daytime's most beloved couple.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Laura Awakens

Last week on General Hospital, Liz received the results of her paternity test and made a difficult decision, Skye returned home with her new daughter and made room in their lives for Lorenzo, Alexis confronted Sam and Ric, made her house a lot less crowded, and Laura awoke from her catatonic state, which made Luke's and her children's greatest hopes a reality.

After finding the paternity test results she had dropped while helping a patient, Liz absorbed them while Sonny looked on. Based on her reaction, he concluded the baby must be Lucky's, and while Liz didn't confirm it, she didn't deny it, either. The news quickly spread from Carly to Jason to Sam, all while Liz remained quiet, only saying it would be best for all concerned if her husband was the baby's father. Jason confirmed for her it was the best choice and we later saw the woman burn the report, making it more than evident Lucky is not the father.

So after weeks of telling everyone her marriage was over and that even if Lucky got clean and got his life together, there was no room for reconciliation, it seems her heart may be weakening some. Or maybe she believes Jason's life would put her unborn child in danger Maybe she truly doesn't want to get between Jason and Sam. Regardless, it's only a matter of time before all secrets are revealed – I look for a medical emergency involving the baby to happen sooner rather than later.

Robert and Luke returned Skye and her new baby, Lila Rae, to the Quartermaine mansion, thrilling all members of the family, except rival Tracy, and Lulu, who was again forced to face her decision to abort her pregnancy. Lorenzo later showed up to visit the child and was met with an unkind reception. Despite the feelings of the rest of the family, Skye allowed him to stay and visit. Later in the week, she took the child to Lorenzo's for a visit and to meet her brother, Diego, only to be further stressed when Lorenzo told her instead of getting away from organized crime, he intends to become the most powerful player on the field so he can protect his family.

He's also dragging in his son, allowing Diego to be a player in the game. All of this seems to be setting the stage for the much talked about mob war to explode. With long time hints floating that Jason and Sonny eventually will make a break from a criminal lifestyle, we can all hope this will be the catalyst used to make it happen.

Also blowing wide open this week was Ric and Alexis's marriage. Returning home from the hospital after Alexis had pushed him to drop the charges against Jason, Ric lost his temper and backed her into a corner about how distant and cold she has been toward to him. She fought back, admitting she had witnessed him and Sam together more than two months earlier. The couple traded insults and their anger escalated until Sonny showed up and chastised his brother for upsetting Alexis when she was so sick. Under pressure from Sonny, Ric reluctantly left the house, vowing he would be back for his daughter, Molly.

Shortly after, Sam showed up, and Alexis turned her anger toward her, severing all ties with her daughter, saying too much time had passed and they had hurt each other too much to ever have a good relationship. When Ric attempted to kidnap Molly, it was Sam, with Jason and Sonny's help, who got the child back and returned her to Alexis. Even then, Alexis turned her daughter away.

Though Alexis is justified in her feelings of resentment over the night of the blackout, she doesn't seem to understand how her constant disapproval has hurt Sam. Not that I buy into Sam and Ric's excuse that Alexis pushed them to sleeping together. They have to take responsibility for what they chose to do, but I do wish Alexis would see how judgmental she has been, and how much Sam seeks her approval and motherly love.

Understanding how important a mother's love and approval is, it was Lulu's continuing pain and hurt that pushed Luke to realize he needed to take the chance on the new drug in hopes he could bring the girl's mother back to her. After once again being told all the side effects of LS-49 by Robin and Patrick, Luke directed them to "give her the medicine." And it was with his line, "Hold on tight, Angel, here we go," that the month-long celebration of Luke and Laura's twenty-fifth wedding anniversary began.

Nikolas and Lulu happened to be visiting Lucky at the hospital and discovered what Luke had decided to do. Afraid their mother would suffer some of the bad side effects of the medication, Nikolas and Lulu wanted them to stop the treatment. But when Lucky said he believed it was what Laura would want, they came around, and even got their hopes up.

Together, they waited. After a while, it seemed as though the longshot had failed and each of the kids said their goodbyes, resigned to the fact they may never have their mother back the way she was. Luke, too, had given up and was about to leave, when Laura called out his name. Awake and alert, for her, it was years earlier and the last thing she could remember was she and Luke had planned to remarry. She assumed she had been in a car accident, and Luke did nothing to dispel the notion.

Lainey was called in and warned that if Laura remembered the events leading to her stepfather's death it could put her back in the same catatonic state she had just emerged from. She advised Luke to take things very slowly with Laura and not push any memories. So when Laura asked to see the kids, he tried to hold her at bay. However, Robin had already informed them Laura was alert and they came to her room. At the end of Friday's show, seeing the kids – Lulu especially – she realized she had been out of touch for quite some time. Luke told her it had been four years.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

Soapzone says Luke will be quick on his feet, keeping the details of the past from Laura to protect her fragile mental state. He and the kids will continue with the story of the car accident, but a suspicious Laura will escape from Shadybrook in search of what she thinks is being hidden from her.

Sam will inform Jason she needs to make a life for herself and become independent… but she still wants him to be a part of it, according to GH Scoops.

Carly and Jax set November 16 as their wedding date, says GHH2. Now I don’t imagine Sonny is going to stand for that!

Soapnet, the cable station devoted to the soaps, celebrates Luke and Laura's anniversary with some special events of their own. On November 21, the channel will re-air the nuptials as part of a marathon. They will also host a one-hour special devoted to the couple, hosted by Genie Francis and Tony Geary.

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