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Can Kate and Sonny take their love from the past and move forward?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Living in the Past

Sonny and Kate's Bensonhurst date continues with a trip to the movie theater they used to frequent where both of them succumbed to memories from the past. As their evening came to an end, Sonny fell to one knee to offer Kate the engagement ring in his pocket. I can't really predict how this is going to go, but I'm guessing Kate is going to have her reservations. One night in the past can't make up for the fact that Sonny's life of crime is in direct conflict with her publishing career. Also, I'm sure once wind of this hits Carly she will have plenty to say to try a put a wedge between them.

In the catacombs, Spinelli stumbled across Johnny and Lulu, who had come close to giving in to the passion brewing between them. However, when Johnny was captured outside and the threesome tried to return to the room she was being held in, they were all captured. I'm guessing that even though Lulu knows she was being held because of her connection to Johnny, and it will most likely be Spinelli who is able to free them, she will still find herself drawn to the mobster in the end.

At the hospital Nicholas learned from Patrick exactly where his tumor is and that it is causing the hallucinations of Emily. Of course the junior doctor Drake believes he can eradicate the tumor, but Nikolas isn't sure he wants to pay the price and lose Emily forever. Meanwhile, in a final checkup before going ahead with her artificial insemination, Robin was shocked to learn she is already pregnant. How long before she shares the news with Patrick, and when she does, just how will he react?

Scoops and Spoilers

After overhearing a private conversation between Patrick and Leo and witnessing a moment of closeness between him and Leyla, Robin decides to allow Patrick to believe her baby's daddy is 'anonymous.'

All the evidence points to Cooper as the text-message killer, but he maintains his innocence.

When Lucky is called into work, he calls on Sam to babysit Jake.

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