Friday , June 14 2024
Jason saves Lulu. Jax reunites with his family.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Lulu Found

On Friday's General Hospital:

As Jason and Johnny held each other at gunpoint, with Johnny acting like some deranged lunatic baiting Jason to shoot him, Lulu explained that the man didn't hurt her or act dangerous in the least before Jason showed up. She said the car had broken down and they had walked to a payphone to call for help, since cell phone reception was bad. The help Johnny had called for, men who work for his father, showed up and Johnny was escorted away. Spinelli and Jason took Lulu home.

As they returned to the penthouse, Lulu, feeling humiliated and stupid, was upset that Spinelli and Jason talked to everyone about what had happened. When Logan arrived and tried to apologize again, she was unwilling to talk to him. Later, as she watched a movie with Spinelli she apologized for her immediate anger and thanked him for his concern for her.

Lulu and Spin have a great chemistry that is fun to watch. I'm sure he feels good about being the one to help save her, but his undying devotion, without any thought of giving up even though he knows Lulu is not in love, is wearing thin — not that I think those feeling can or should just be shut off. I'd just like to see Spin come to realize friendship is the only relationship in their future.

Jason, who was still suspicious of Johnny and the perceived coincidence that put them in that barn overnight, headed back out there to check things out. In the meantime Liz received a garbled and unclear voice message from Lulu telling her where she was. When she showed up to pick up the girl, Jason informed her Lulu was safe back at the penthouse. When Jason asked about the boys and her situation with Lucky, she confided that Lucky had slept with Sam. Liz was sent for a tailspin when Jason warned that Sam was aware that Jake was his son.

We can only hope we are one step closer to the paternity secret coming out. If Liz has learned anything from recent events, she will tell Lucky the truth before Sam can.

As Sonny challenges Ric to defy his father and show Kate leniency, Ric seems to come to terms with the fact his father distorted and exaggerated the situation with Sonny and his mother, creating the rift between him and his brother. He stops short of showing remorse to Sonny; however, saying while Trevor may have created the rift, Sonny did his own part in keeping them apart. Once alone, Sonny tried to comfort Kate, but was interrupted by a text message saying 'your nanny was only the beginning.'

I'm very curious to see if this 'first step' Ric has made will lead to Sonny and Ric coming to some sort of understanding. I don't expect them to ever be the best of buds, but amicable would be nice. It could be the first step in redemption for Ric. That is, if he's not the one behind the nanny murder and the drugging to begin with.

Jax meets up with Carly and the boys on the island and though the all are happy to see him, the boys are anxious to return home. Even though Carly insists she feels completely safe on the island, it becomes apparent someone is watching them. Is this one of Zaccharra's men? Or is it someone, maybe Jerry, trying to prove a point?

Warning! News and Spoilers!

  • Look for Tony Geary (Luke Spencer) to return the week of October 8 and be none too thrilled about what Lulu's been up to while he's been gone. We'll also get our first glimpses of Anthony Zaccharra that week.
  • That week should be huge – Lucky will learn he's not Jake's father (Finally!).
  • Does Carly finally overstep boundaries with Jason?
  • Nikolas asks Robin to help find the answers to his bizarre behavior.

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