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‘Rap Godz’ Board Game Now on Kickstarter

While at Gen Con, I had the opportunity to playtest the final version of Rap Godz, by the Board Game Brothas.

The first thing you’ll probably notice when sitting down to a game of Rap Godz is the extremely colorful artwork. Hamu Dennis really brings the game to stylish life with gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations. And the board, which looks like a gigantic turntable, is an absolute delight:

Each player takes the role of an up-and-coming rapper. The game is broken into a series of three “albums” (rounds), each of which involves recording five “tracks” (turns). Players draw cards from the deck corresponding to the current album and play them them to build their rapper’s growing career.

Cards tend to do two things: gather resources (tracked on the center board) and score plaques (the victory points in the game). Players can also discard cards from their hands to take advantage of one of the faceup cards. In addition, there are red cards, called “Beef,” where players can pick a bone with other Rappers and try to steal their points, resources, and credibility. But be careful – the beef can backfire!

rap godz
Note: The final version has completely colored art.

As albums progress, the cards get gradually more powerful, allowing the players to gather resources and plaques more quickly. Each Rapper also has special conditions that will score them bonus plaques at the end of the game. There are bonus conditions drawn every game that give bonus plaques to the first Rapper to hit certain milestones. In addition, Rappers are going to be competing to have the most or least of certain resources in order to win the scene at certain cities, which can lead to highly lucrative endgame scoring!

Rap Godz provides a fun, humorous “take-that” experience brought home by the absolutely beautiful artwork.

Rap Godz launched on Kickstarter August 22, 2018 and the campaign will run for 30 days. Click the link and head on over to see more about the game and join in the fun!

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