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Gauher Chaudhry is one of the best PPC marketers in the world and tells us a bit about his techniques and background.

Interview with Gauher Chaudhry, Creator of Pay Per Click Formula

Many people are aware that it is possible to make a very decent living on the Internet, almost regardless of one's personal financial or physical circumstances. Not so many people actually know how.

There is a lot of very misleading, incomplete, out of date or simply inaccurate information to be found on the web, which can lead to expensive and extensive time wasting.

Gauher Chaudhry's Pay Per Click Formula, which comprises six books, six CD tutorials and two DVDs, plus one of the most supportive and useful forums to be found on the net, is one of the most comprehensive courses available for those wanting to master the necessary skills. 

As a scene setter for my forthcoming review of his course, here is my interview with Gauher Chaudhry. 

Please tell us exactly what you focus upon teaching in your course.

The focus of Pay Per Click Formula is to teach people how they can basically buy traffic from pay per click search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN and drive that targeted traffic to CPA (cost-per-action) offers and get paid a commission every time someone fills out a lead. The course is not really for beginners and assumes that the buyer understands the basic workings of the major PPC search engines.

How does it differ to other techniques such as Chris Carpenter's "Google Cash" approach?

The "Google Cash" approach basically teaches how to drive traffic from Google to ALL
affiliate offers. Pay Per Click Formula teaches how to drive traffic from Google and hundreds of other pay per click sources strictly to CPA offers. Most people need to realize that there is a world of traffic outside of Google that is in some cases much cheaper and better quality.

You were an accountant in the real world before you started working solely online. Has that background helped you as you have developed your techniques?

Being an accountant has helped me tremendously because it forced me to become a
spreadsheet expert. By having advanced spreadsheet skills, I have been able to create
advanced tracking spreadsheets to help me grow my traffic brokering business and better understand the CPA lead conversions from various traffic sources.

Where did you go to school and college?

I went to McMaster Univesity in Hamilton, Ontario and finished with a Bachelor of
Commerce and then acquired two professional accounting designations in the years to
follow. I have a love for numbers and that is why I find the traffic brokering game so easy.

You have been online for over ten years now, since before PPC marketing even existed. What did you do online in those early days?

In the early years, there was no such thing as PPC. I made a lot of money in the late
nineties by publishing a variety of e-zines and selling classified ads in those e-zines. This was during the first dot com boom when advertising was sold at high prices but still got a decent response rate.

When did you first start PPClicking?

I first started using pay per click search engines when (the first PPC which
eventually become Overture and now finally Yahoo Search Marketing) came onto the scene. It was great to get those one cent bids and drive a lot of traffic to my web sites.

How has the market and the process changed since then?

The Internet marketing world is almost like night and day now since the early years. There were not that many online marketers when the Internet first came out and now that a large number of people know that there can be money made on the Internet, it has become very competitive. There is also a lot of crap promising riches being sold today, which can cause mass confusion for people just getting onto the Internet today.

As I push my way up the steep, but not insurmountable, learning curve involved in understanding your techniques, one of the things that I find most intimidating before launching my own campaigns is the lack of certainty involved. With possibly only one or two in a hundred campaigns proving successful, it can be scary to know where to start, particularly when operating on fairly limited budgets. Any advice to make the transition from total newbie to moderately successful a little easier or less expensive than simple trial and error?

Following my techniques, you should have a fairly good success rate of 30-40% on creating ad campaigns. A lot of what I teach is common sense that can help users save time and money by doing simple steps before deciding on an ad campaign to promote. This will dramatically reduce the time testing during the trial and error stage.

The three main traffic sources you use are Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter. What differences do you find between them? Do you get different results from each of these traffic sources for the same campaign?

Google, MSN, and Yahoo generally have the same ad platforms. It seems lately that MSN and Yahoo are trying to make their ad platforms a lot more similar to Google. I noticed that the quality of traffic amongst the top three PPC seearch engines varies from campaign to campaign. There are too many variables to zero in on why there is a difference, but is has something to do with items such as fraud and geo-targeting ability.

The first of your two major techniques, "The Loner", seems under threat from the increased reluctance of Google to tolerate the direct linking of ads to sites that lack much content. Do you think the days of linking to sites that only want an email address or zip code are ending? If so, will people have to rely increasingly on "The Workhorse" method and build their own content websites in order to avoid the legendary Google slap?

The loner method is not only direct linking. You can still do the loner method and create your own landing page. I only call it the "Loner" method because you are simply promoting one CPA offer, versus the "Workhorse" method where you are promoting multiple CPA offers. I don't believe that the days of promoting emails or zip submits are over because as long as your can create a web site that has valuable content related to your offer, you can still get decent bids in Google without worrying about being slapped. There are many tools available that help in speeding up this process and getting lower bid prices.

Did you ever imagine that your early pioneering efforts would lead to such success?

If you look at some of my techniques such as the "Alexa Method" of keyword research, it simply makes sense. It is just a matter of putting all the pieces together to make the system run efficiently and as profitably as possible. What has surprised me is my customers who are only three months into the course and grossing over $75,000 per month. That type of immediate success I never suspected.

I understand you are now setting up dedicated business premises and hiring staff. Given that most people working in affiliate marketing are pretty much one man bands, what exactly are your plans for this new stage of your online adventure?

One of the biggest constraints to growing an online business (especially if you are a one man show) is time. There are only so many hours in a day. I am hiring staff to do things such as keyword research and the setting up of campaigns as this will help me test and track much faster and find winning campaigns.

It it more difficult for non-US-based people  such as you and I to work in this field?

It can be a little bit more difficult to be outside the USA since almost 90% of CPA offers are for US traffic only. You need to have a US proxy address in order to be able to view landing pages of advertisers or view your competition in US-only Google searches. These are more nuisances rather than problems because you can find ways around this. The beauty of this business is that you can pretty much run it anywhere in the world.

Gauher, thanks very much for your time and the care you have put into the preparation of this course. I know it is going to help a lot of people and will be reporting on my own progress in my forthcoming review of your PPC Formula.

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