Wednesday , February 21 2024
Video interview with Joshua Malina, actor (Scandal, The West Wing, Sports Night, podcast host of “The West Wing Weekly”), Rob Kutner (creator of Runaway Brains, monologue writer, Conan).

Interview: ‘Scandal’s Joshua Malina, ‘Conan’s Rob Kutner chase Runaway Brains!

Today’s Guests: Joshua Malina, actor (Scandal, The West Wing, Sports Night, podcast host of “The West Wing Weekly”), Rob Kutner (creator of Runaway Brains, monologue writer, Conan).

Runaway Brains, a new original audio series written by Conan monologue writer Rob Kutner, is now available on Howl.Fm. It is essentially a buddy comedy that follows the misadventures of Jeopardy game show champion Ken Jennings – played by Ken Jennings – and his rival, IBM supercomputer Watson – played by Weird Al Yankovic.

Joshua Malina podcast excerpt: “As I age, I’m constantly trying to counter it it with changes to my appearance. Between seasons, I’m always emailing (Scandal showrunner) Shonda Rhimes. Between seasons one and two, I send her pictures of me with glasses and said, ‘C’mon, how about glasses?’ Now, as I lose my hair, I want to push her toward shorter hair for my character. The less hair I have, the less obvious it will be that I’m losing my hair. There may be a logic flaw there. I think the short haircut works for the attorney general; but I might be out of a job.”

While on the run, the pair encounters Freemasons, the International Gay Lizard Conspiracy, and visits Area 51 and a TED Talk.

Key interview moments:

• 4:25 “Runaway Brains” creator Rob Kutner explains that he sought to introduce more “narrative scripted fiction into the podcast world” by writing a buddy comedy radio sitcom that features Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings (played by Ken Jennings) and the IBM supercomputer Watson (played by Weird Al Yankovic);

• 16:25 Kutner explains his choice of Yankovic for the role;

• 27:27 Scandal star Joshua Malina — who guests in the third episode of Runaway Brains — talks about what might be ahead for his attorney general character in the show’s sixth season — or does he?;

• 31:10 Malina talks about what drew him to co-host a podcast about one of his earlier series, The West Wing, and whether that show’s creator, Aaron Sorkin, might soon be a guest.

You can find Joshua Malina at:

The West Wing Weekly Website • Facebook • Twitter • Vine • Tumblr • Instagram • Wikipedia • IMDB • Scandal on ABC • Scandal Wikia.

You can find Rob Kutner at:  Website • Facebook • Twitter • YouTube • TeamCoco • Emmys • LinkedIn • Wikipedia • IMDB • Goodreads

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