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Harry Potter: Sexy?

I don’t know about you, but slash fiction is something I’ve been blissfully ignorant of. I’m usually pretty open minded but slash fiction involving underage characters seems, well, pretty weird to me.

I mean, I know a person or two who played with this genre&#8212explained at Wikipedia&#8212 particularly with X-Files

But I admit I was a little bit surprised that when I typed “Harry Potter blog” into Google, it led me to slash fiction sites where people imagined sexual situations with Harry Potter characters.

Am I a prude to find this a bit, well, odd?

Do you read and like such things? If so, what’s the appeal?

I came across the slash fiction while preparing for a book discussion at my blog. Here are some more harmless but fun Potter-related links:

And here are some good ones I previously shared:

  • You can go find out what your Harry Potter alter ego is.
  • Just how popular is Harry Potter at Guantanamo Bay? The answer.
  • Here is an excellent review I may use as a jumping off point for the discussion.
  • Here are some spoiler thoughts for those who finished the book.
  • And here are other related links.

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