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Some of the most effective beauty treatments derive from pure natural products and simple household solutions. Here are some beauty tips and tricks that can help you get that summer glow.

Getting That Summer Glow: Natural Beauty Solutions That Work

spa-squareThere’s a lot of wisdom in the notion that beauty derives from wellness and a unity with nature, and it’s for this reason that many head off to the spa to relax. But even if you can’t afford a weekend retreat, that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in natural summer beauty experiences. In fact, some of the most effective beauty treatments derive from pure natural products and simple household solutions. Here are some beauty tips and tricks that can help you get that summer glow.

Excellent Emu Oil

Emu oil is an amazing product simply for its wide variety of uses. One that stands out is as a bug spray. If you want to avoid dousing yourself in toxic DEET to keep the mosquitoes away, try a spritz of emu oil. The scent of this natural essential oil will deter these determined pests, keeping you itch- (and disease-) free.

In addition to being an amazing bug repellent, emu oil is also a natural way to diminish the appearance of scars and stretch marks. If these unsightly marks are killing your summer confidence, apply emu oil to them and watch them fade. What makes this oil so effective is the combination of several omega fatty acids and the transdermal absorption of this oil.

Summer can also do a number on your hair, and believe it or not, emu oil can help with that, too. Whether your hair is limp or brittle, emu oil can help strengthen it, bringing it more volume and shine. Liberal application of emu oil will have your hair glistening in the sun, and it won’t interfere with other hair products you use.

Astringent Apple Cider

Apple cider vinegar is known for having some impressive health properties, among them as a skin treatment. If you want brighter skin and tighter pores, try applying a small amount of apple cider vinegar to your face with a cotton ball after showering. Never buy toner again by replacing this beauty staple with one from your pantry instead.

Get Soft With Honey

Honey is another natural product with a wide variety of uses. A popular one is as a facial mask. Rather than spending money on fancy drugstore masks, try spreading a few teaspoons of honey on your face and letting it sit for about half an hour. Honey will help clear up blemishes while also smoothing and softening skin. Be prepared to get messy with this mask, but that just makes it more fun!

A Strawberry Smile

Many people know that you can brush your teeth with baking soda for a brighter smile, but this isn’t a very enjoyable practice and tends to leave you with a foul taste in your mouth. Instead of baking soda alone, try mixing a small quantity of it with a mashed strawberry. A five minute treatment with this mixture, rinsed and followed by vigorous brushing, can create whiter and brighter teeth. Forget fussing with whitening trays, gums, and strips and get your smile from a strawberry.

Cellulite Solution

Cellulite can be one of the most stubborn appearance flaws and can make donning shorts in the summer a lot less enjoyable. Happily, there’s a home remedy. Try combining some olive oil with coffee grounds and heating it up briefly. Applied to cellulite areas and wrapped in plastic wrap for about 20 minutes, this combination stimulates blood flow because of the caffeine in the coffee and can help to smooth and revitalize skin. You’ll need to repeat this process over a few weeks for lasting results, but we’ve all got these ingredients in our cupboards.

With these simple tips and tricks, you’ll get a summer glow that lasts and won’t cost you the big bucks. And don’t stop there. Many more of your common pantry ingredients have rejuvenating properties if you’re willing to experiment. Give them a try!

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