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This site currently features more than 1000 PC games for worldwide purchase from a range of major and independent publishers.

GamersGate.com Has More Than 1000 Titles Available for Purchase

GamersGate.com is a personalized portal where you can purchase “download only” games from a cache of more than 1000 titles ranging from major to independent publishers. Payments can be made by Paypal or credit card. All you need initially is, of course, a computer and an internet connection. You can also rate games and write detailed reviews plus send gifts to others.

With more than 1000 titles to choose from, you need solid search options and the site delivers. Games are sorted by publisher, title, price and release date. They are also organized in action, adventure, casual, kids, RPG, strategy or simulator categories.

Besides games, you can also download important patches and check out the user reviews (by stars) for more specific information. The newly added section and top list can keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest, plus you can sign up for newsletters. You can reference ESRB ratings information and available manuals for many games.

You can also spread the word about games on the site from several types of email, IM, blogs, bookmarks or other social tools. The Friends incentive program gives you a 10% discount on everything your friends spend on GamersGate during the first twelve months after their registration.

The My Games tab obviously has the most pertinent information for your use, including the serial key. When you see a game you like, it can be added to the My Wishlist tab any time. This site also lists system requirements including the operating system, processor, memory, hard disk space, video and audio options and controller support. This way you know if you can actually run the game or send it to someone else before you get it or give it. The site has an activation limit, which can be reset when contacting the site’s support team, and gives you the option to remove temporary files once you’ve installed a game.

GamersGate.com has several classic and hard to find games with constant specials and discounts. With an outstanding cache of game titles already, this site looks to expand this worldwide service with more games and other features. This site currently features only PC games (sorry Mac users) for gamers worldwide that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. It's a convenient and economical gaming resource.

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