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Tic-Stac-Toe takes your childhood and kicks it up to a whole new level.

Game Review: Tic-Stac-Toe by Pressman Toy

Tic-Stac-Toe by Pressman Toy reminds us of one of those games we remember that were not only played during our childhoods, but played during our parents’ childhoods, and their parents’ and so on. Classics as old as game playing itself. Tic-Tac-Toe is one of those, and very few adults or even young children play it anymore because once you’re old enough to fully understand it, it likely always ends in a draw.

But what if a couple of small twists in the game could bring it back to life for players of any age? Trust me, the folks at Pressman Toy have done it. 

Tic-Stac-Toe by Pressman Toy adds a third dimension to this historical challenge and another level outwards as well. Tic-Stac-ToeIn order to win you must get four in a row, but that can take place in a much larger number of fashions. Instead of just up, down and diagonally on the board, but now there’s straight up, climbing up the board, descending down diagonally across the board and more. It’s kind of hypnotizing.

As fun and simple to learn as this is for kids, you’ll be amazed at how engrossing it is for adults too. You’ll think you’re watching two people in an intense chess match, but it’s still just x’s and o’s. I recently played three games in a row with a friend and it was mind-bending the whole way through.

Tic-Stac-Toe takes your childhood and kicks it up to a whole new level.

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