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Casual Game Insider to Begin its 13th Year

Since 2012, Casual Game Insider has produced its quarterly issues for the more easy-going game crowd. While board gaming has been around for millennia, it has come into its own the past few decades with various genres ranging from simple children’s games to hardcore Euro-style competitive logic puzzles. Casual Game Insider writes that it caters “to gamers of all experience levels, with a focus on light, easy-to-learn games and the people behind them.”

A Go-to for the Casual Gaming Industry

Available in both print and digital formats, Casual Game Insider pursues professionalism in media while remaining appealing to read. Each issue contains a wide range of content, primarily focused on games themselves. Much of the writing talks about major new releases with insightful analysis and strategy tips. Game reviews tackle other games, suggesting the best audience appeal for each game. Larger articles address overall topics in gaming, including trends in themes or mechanics as well as business aspects of publishing and promotion.

Beyond the games themselves, Casual Game Insider is a hub of the board-gaming community. Articles provide convention coverage, showing the highlights of Origins Game Fair or Essen Spiel. In-depth interviews with industry personalities show not just the process of creating board games but also “the people behind them.”

Free Game in Each Issue

As in the glory days of cereal boxes, there is a free game included as a bonus in every issue of Casual Game Insider. The games come fully laid out with their rules and boards on the pages ready to be cut out, or as print-and-play for digital subscribers. Readers assemble the game with any other necessary components that they are already likely to have handy, like coins or dice; review the rules; and start playing within minutes.

Now in Its 13th Year

Editor-in-chief Chris James said, “We’re confident that our 13th year will be packed with exciting content for casual board game fans.”

Casual Game Insider is hosting a Kickstarter campaign to celebrate the milestone. Backers will receive a free PDF download of the Summer 2024 issue as well as access to exclusive offers on lifetime subscriptions and sponsor packages. Previous campaigns for Casual Game Insider have achieved success, frequently with more than 400% of the funding requested.

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